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Please see below more Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) asked by the clients of USA Legal Thailand:

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: I am writing to ask you a personal question about a U.S. visa. The personal aspect of the question is due to it’s sexual nature. I have been told that you are the man to talk to and it is certainly much easier to talk about a situation of this type with another man, especially one who lives in Thailand. My Thai fiancee has been previously arrested by the Thai police for prostitution. The arrest took place in Pattaya Thailand over 3 years ago. Is there any hope of getting my Thai fiance and her child a visa to the U.S. Asked by "Bobby" :: Read More

Question: I want to check with you to see if my previous arrest in the U.S. will prevent me from sponsoring my Thai fiancee and her child for a U.S. visa. How does the American Embassy in Thailand react to a man who has been arrested for a sexual crime that does not include any type of child abuse. How does the Thailand government react to this. My Thai fiancee and I have lived together in Thailand for one year and I have never had any problem in Thailand and have never been arrested by the Thai police for any crime. I have been told that you are the man to talk to and that you are an expert in this field. Asked by "Don" :: Read More

Question: I am an American citizen and, I would like to know if your firm can handle a case of divorce and child custody for my fiancee before you start to process the U.S. visa. It is my understanding that my Thai fiancee can not legally marry me in the U.S. until she is legally divorced in Thailand. It is also my understanding that my Thai fiancee can not bring her child to the U.S. until she has obtained legal child custody from the Thailand Family Court. Asked by "Bob" :: Read More

Question: My Thai fiancee comes from a small village in Northern Thailand. She has a child from a previous marriage and takes care of two of her sister’s young children because her sister doesn’t want them staying with their alcoholic father who inflicts physical abuse on both of the children and the boy child especially. I am an American man who would like to sponsor my Thai fiancee and her child for U.S. immigration and I would also like to see if it is possible to obtain a U.S. visa for each of her sister’s children. My Thai fiancee may not agree to come to the U.S. if I can not get a visa for her sister’s children. Asked by "Bill" :: Read More

Question: I am an American woman and a U.S. citizen. My boyfriend is a Thai man. My boyfriend has a criminal record in Thailand. He was previously arrested for something sexual but I am not sure of the specifics. He has tried to explain it to me but the language barrier makes complex discussions like this quite difficult. He told me that he was a driver of a van that was carrying young girls from Lao to Bangkok to work in the sex industry. The van was stopped on the highway and all adults were arrested. Besides the adults the van had 3 girls and one child. I think he may have been charged with human trafficking, but I am not sure. The girls were aged 13-15 and the child was 10 years old. Two Thai ladies were also arrested. After the arrest the Thai police released everyone after paying money and he later returned to court and had to pay an additional fine. Asked by "Brook" :: Read More

Question: I am an American man with a Thai fiancee. My question is: Is it possible to obtain a visa for my Thai fiancee who I met in a bar in Pattaya Thailand, yes she worked providing sexual services for money, not just serving drinks. Is it against the law in Thailand to offer sexual services for money? I have been reading a lot of conflicting information about this on the Internet. She has one child, a son who is 7 years old who she would like to bring to the U.S as well. Asked by "Steven" :: Read More

Question: I am an American man, U.S. citizen who came to Thailand to look for a nice lady after suffering years of abuse from my American wife. I also want to ask if my previous arrest for DUI will have any effect on the visa applications. The arrest took place more than 20 years ago. My Thai fiancee was married to a Thai police officer for 10 years so I am sure she has never been arrested for anything. Asked by "George" :: Read More

Question: Without being specific about my particular situation (other than that I have been arrested before) I would like you to tell me in your expert opinion under what circumstances would an American man like myself be found ineligible to sponsor a girl from Thailand for a U.S. immigration visa. Oh, my Thai fiancee has one child, her daughter. Asked by "Jim" :: Read More

Question: One of the most respected experts in the field of American immigration so I thought I’d give this one last shot in hopes that you might have some created way of helping me or know of some law that could help. Here’s my situation. 20 years ago I brought a lady and her two daughters to the U.S. from the Philippines. I was arrested and convicted of child sexual abuse of her daughters. I paid my debt by spending 10 years of my life in prison. Everyone tells me that a conviction for child sexual abuse prevents an American man from getting a U.S. immigration visa for a foreign lady. Asked by "Peter" :: Read More

Question: I am an American man, U.S. citizen, who has a fiancee in Thailand. Please tell me if my previous arrest prohibits me from sponsoring my Thai fiancee for a U.S. immigration visa. I was arrested 15 years ago for solicitation of sexual services in Miami, not involving any type of sexual abuse. I was drunk and really didn’t know what I was doing. I paid a fine and performed community service. My Thai fiancee has never had any problems in Thailand Asked by "Brad" :: Read More

Question: I met my Thai fiancee on the Internet. After spending considerable time with her I learned that like many Thai ladies she had worked in the sex industry providing sexual services at a “massage parlor” in Bangkok. She stopped providing sexual services more than 10 years ago and returned to the family farm in Buri Ram Thailand. Even though the selling of sexual services is illegal in Thailand my fiancee was never arrested Asked by "Frank" :: Read More

Question: I am an American man with a Thai fiancee. She lives in Bangkok Thailand. My Thai fiancee is basically the mother of 3 children, but none are hers. One child is her sisters, another child is her brother’s, and the third child is the child of a former neighbor. My fiancee took this child in because she suffered abuse at the hand of an aunt who didn’t want to take care of her. Her real mother died and no one knows where the father is. I don’t want to abuse your kind policy of processing a child visa free of charge by asking you to process 3 child visa applications but, there are so many other fees that when paid for 4 people become big money. My fiancee is in the process of getting divorced. Asked by "William" :: Read More

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