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US K1 Fiance Visa, CR1 Marriage Visa for Thai Girlfriend, Thai Fiance, Wife, from Thailand » Divorce in Thailand

Why Hire US Visa Consultants?

Divorce in Thailand

Your Thai girlfriend or Thai fiancee must legally terminated a prior marriage before a K-1 fiancee visa can be filed or before you can legally marry in Thailand. Our firm can effectuate a divorce through the Thailand Family Court on behalf of your Thai girlfriend or Thai fiancee that will enable commencement of the US visa application.

Divorce in Thailand can also be completed at a district office, similar to a town or city hall, when both parties to the divorce are able to appear and can agree on all aspects of the divorce. Our firm can streamline this Divorce in Thailand process for nominal costs.

If one or both parties can not appear, one party can not be located, or when the parties do not agree to the terms of the divorce, the divorce must be completed in the Thailand Family Court. Our experienced Family Court lawyers will expeditiously process your Thai girlfriend or Thai fiancee’s divorce being fully aware that a US visa petition can not be filed until the divorce is completed.

We also handle divorce actions that are not associated with a visa petition. For example: if a US citizen needs to divorce a Thai spouse or if a Thai citizen needs to divorce a US citizen spouse. If one of the parties’ resides in Thailand the divorce can be completed at the Thailand Family Court even if the marriage took place in the United States.

Unlike the US adversarial divorce system, our firm processes divorce actions with an eye towards getting the divorce completed with speed and efficiency and being as painless as possible for all parties’ involved.

Start Today – US K1 Fiance Visa & CR1 Marriage Visa

To hire us and get started,e-mail with your Thai fiance or Thai wife’s mobile phone number, one of the paralegals (Thai ladies) in our office will phone her to provide information about the visa application process, and explain to her in detail the numerous things we will be handling on her behalf.

Your fiance or wife will be invited to make an appointment with our office to begin the visa application process.

Should you have questions you can call our office toll free, you may e-mail your question or request a call. E-mails are answered promptly, never exceeding 24 hours.

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