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"My Thai fiancee is basically the mother of 3 children, but none are hers. One child is her sisters, another child is her brother’s, and the third child is the child of a former neighbor"

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I am an American man with a Thai fiancee. She lives in Bangkok Thailand. My Thai fiancee is basically the mother of 3 children, but none are hers. One child is her sisters, another child is her brother’s, and the third child is the child of a former neighbor. My fiancee took this child in because she suffered abuse at the hand of an aunt who didn’t want to take care of her. Her real mother died and no one knows where the father is. I don’t want to abuse your kind policy of processing a child visa free of charge by asking you to process 3 child visa applications but, there are so many other fees that when paid for 4 people become big money. My fiancee is in the process of getting divorced. Her husband is a Thai police man so I am expecting it will be a sane process, I have met him and he seems to be a nice man. My fiancee is divorcing him because of his unrestrained sexual interests. Apparently he has a second wife and a girlfriend. I am told this is common in Thailand. I don’t have an arrest record and I am pretty sure my fiancee doesn’t have an arrest record either. Can you advise me of any complications that might occur with U.S. immigration given the fact that my fiancee is not the real mother of the children?


Dear William,

I recommend that your fiancee first complete her divorce from the Thai police man. Yes, it is common in Thailand for a Thai man to have more than one lady. Apparently it is difficult for them to restrain their sexual urges. We can handle the divorce if you feel it is necessary. When the divorce is finished we need to start the process of a legal Thai adoption for each child. This will take a minimum of six months and will be problematic as all parents will need to approve the adoptions or good caused will need to be proven in a Thailand family court to show why your fiancee should be given custody. I have some ideas about how the adoption can be achieve and will discus same with you in private. It is certainly positive that you have never been arrested, but it is more important that your fiancee has never been arrested. We will confirm this with her. Only after the divorce and legal adoptions have been completed can we start the U.S. immigration visa application. The American Embassy in Thailand will require proof that your fiancee has lived with and care for each child for a minimum two year period.

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