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Our specialization, experience, knowledge, and 100% success rate with over 3,900 fiancee and marriage visas from Thailand to the United States assures that your girlfriend, fiancee or wife is guaranteed to receive her visa and with the shortest processing time.

USA Legal Thailand’s sole area of practice is fiancee visas and marriage visas from Thailand to the United States for your Thai girlfriend, fiance, or wife. We do not process other types of visas to America, nor do we process fiancee visa or marriage visas to other countries.

As a result of our firms sole focus on processing K1 fiancee visas and CR-1 marriage visas from Thailand to the USA, we have processed more fiancee and marriage visas to the USA from Thailand than all other Thailand based and US based immigration attorney’s and visa service companies, combined. This has earned our firm the distinction of being the most experienced and knowledgeable in this field.

The only additional services we provide support the fiancee visa and marriage visa application process. For example: all of our clients require adjustment of status to permanent resident (Green Card) once they are in the America along with employment authorization and a advance parole travel permit, we obtain child custody though the Thailand Family Court for our clients who will bring their children to America, and many of our clients require prenuptial agreements.

Our philosophy: is to treat you and your girlfriend, fiancee or wife with kindness, compassion, respect, sensitivity, sincerity and commitment. Genuine concern for and commitment to our clients is what sets us apart from other firms. We truly care about our clients and it is no doubt that our caring commitment plays a part in sustaining our 100% success rate. If difficulties occur, as they sometimes do when you have processed as many visas as we have, our experience, knowledge, and genuine concern and commitment to our clients all combine to provide you with the best possible representation. (Difficulties can occur if a client has been untruthful with us regarding the facts of his or her background in the pre-qualification process)

USA Legal Thailand, which is based in Thailand and America, is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand as the primary focus of the visa application process is with your Thai girlfriend, fiancee or wife.

We are Thailand’s largest and oldest US immigration law firm. We were the first American owned firm to operate in Bangkok offering fiancee visa and marriage visa services to the USA, but we certainly haven’t gone un-noticed. Many firms have followed motivated by our successful example.

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2013 was an active year for our firm. The number of clients served increased by 21%.

K1 Fiancee Visa
USCIS and DOS processing times for K1 fiancée visas started slowly in 2013. By June USCIS started transferring K1 visa petitions to the Nebraska Service Center and the average USCIS processing times decreased from 5 months to 2 months. The current trend places the combined USCIS and DOS processing time to an average of 4-6 months.

CR-1 / IR-1 Alien Relative Visa
On a not so positive note USCIS processing times for CR-1/IR-1 visa petitions has slowed dramatically. At the start of the new year our firm will initiate extraordinary steps to work with USCIS in an effort to expedite the processing of CR-1 visa applications for our clients. The CR-1 visa remains a favorite among our clients and often the only visa type available to married couples.

Prenuptial Agreements
In 2013 we preapred a record number of prenuptial agreements. People are beginning to recognize that a properly constructed prenuptial agreement provides benefits beyond the protection of assets. For example: a prenuptial agreement virtually eliminates protracted and contentious divorce proceedings. Our prenuptial agreement states that if either party initiates a divorce, both parties agree to petition the court for an uncontested dissolution of marriage and have agreed in the prenuptial agreement to use the prenuptial agreement as the parties dissolution of marriage settlement agreement. By using our prenuptial agreement the parties will experience divorce proceedings of short duration and substantial savings in attorney’s fees, as well as the protection of current and future assets and incomes.

Adjustment of Status (Green Card)
On January 1st, 2013 we introduced a value point special offer to our K1 Fiancee Visa clients. The offer consists of the option to include adjustment of status processing when purchasing our K-1 fiancee visa processing service. When purchasing the combined services when initiating the K-1 fiancee visa application our clients realize a savings of $1,395.00. In 2013 all but 2 of our clients availed themselves of this special offer. Many expressions of satisfaction with this level of service and savings have been made.

US Citizenship for Babies Born in Thailand to a US Citizen Parent
In 2013 we have seen many beautiful babies born to Thai mothers and US fathers. My favorite is a handsome young man with the most remarkable eyes named Keanu. Keanu was lucky to have been born to two exceptional parents and will most assuredly have a great life. Apparently, few US citizens are aware that a baby born in Thailand to one or more US citizen parents can obtain a US citizen certificate of birth abroad and a US passport. This year our firm had the happy duty to prepare a record number of passport applications, birth certificate applications and social security number applications for babies born in Thailand to a US citizen parent.

Getting Married In Thailand
Our firm is the only firm in Bangkok that can complete a legal marriage and the initial USCIS CR-1/IR-1 visa petition in less than a day. This being the case it is no surprise that we exceeded our 2012 numbers for legal marriage registrations.

Child Custody Valid for US Immigration
Our child custody specialist continues to maintain the record and reputation for the most child custody cases completed in the Thailand Family Court. The experience and wealth of knowledge that comes with having processed so many cases has resulted in our firm’s ability to provide an expedited service to our clients.

Same-Sex Visas
2013 saw the defeat of the defense of marriage act at the supreme court. This supreme court ruling made it possible for same sex couples to immigrate an alien partner to the United States. Same sex couples can now avail themselves of either a K1 Fiancee Visa or a CR-1 Alien Relative (marriage) Visa. It has been our distinct pleasure to work with these new clients in 2013, especially our friends from Hua Hin.

601 Hardship Waivers
Our 100% success rate with hardship waivers continued through the year with successes in the areas of: prostitution, criminal grounds and overstay. Our approach to these complex filings is appropriately described as meticulously comprehensive. Our continued success with constructing persuasive waiver applications is a result of our extensively documented arguments.

Thailand Divorce
Because of it’s unpleasant nature, divorce is not an area of our practice by choice, we practice divorce law as a matter of necessity. Divorce in Thailand is a little known and complex process when one of the parties to the divorce is a citizen of a foreign country, and even more complex when the divorcing couple have married in a country other than Thailand. We continue to lend our expertise in such cases in an effort to help people move their lives forward in a positive way.

For Thailand’s largest and oldest US immigration law firm, each year has out performed the previous year and 2013 continues this track record of success. Aside from the performance of our duties, when looking back on the year, we would simply state that the most memorable elements have been our enjoyment with meeting so many truly nice people.

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