Why You Need to hire CR-1 Visa Lawyer in Thailand

The best way to divorce or annul any marriage in Thailand is to hire a CR-1 Visa Lawyer to file the case. While it is possible to do a self help divorce, it can be complex and mistakes will end up costing far more than paying a Thai attorney to do it right would have.

Drawbacks of not Hiring a CR-1 Visa Lawyer in Thailand

In this day and age, it is not unlikely to come across interracial couples from different countries. Such marriages often referred to as international marriages, have become commonplace in our society. However, they often come with a few drawbacks.

Such drawbacks often involve certain laws that may limit their coming together. However, in a bid to protect such individuals, immigration laws have been put in place. Additionally, immigration laws have also brought about immigration visas that act in favor of such individuals.

CR-1 Visa in Thailand

Immigration visas that fall under the spouse category include CR-1 Visa, K-3 and K-1. However, for the purposes of this article, we shall be focusing on the CR-1 Visa for Thailand. In other words, this article shall be focusing on a marriage that involves a marriage from USA and Thailand.

CR- 1 is specifically an immigration visa that covers a foreign spouse or fiancée. Both Thailand and USA allow such applications to be processed and accepted. CR-1 Visa Thailand applications are designed to grant the Thailand Citizen access to the USA.

Please note, however; that such an application can only be filled out by the American spouse. Once granted legal residency in the United States, they receive it as conditional residency. Hence, the name CR-1 (Conditional Residency) Visa.

CR-1 Visa applications in Thailand, often take a period of 12 months. Additionally, some may require legal representation and protection from unscrupulous dealers. To do this, couples seeking to apply for a CR-1 Visa for a Thailand Citizen should hire a thai CR-1 Lawyer.

More specifically, they should hire CR-1 Visa Lawyers from Thailand. Let us take a look at how an Immigration Lawyer from Thailand can offer assistance in such situations.

Visa Application

The visa application involves a lengthy process. The process calls for the individuals to fill in the required forms and documents. A CR-1 Visa Thailand lawyer helps the couple complete the entire process adequately.

Moreover, a CR-1 Visa Thailand Lawyer helps ensure that the information filled in is accurate and appropriate. Hiring such a lawyer can help make the application process a lot easier and faster.

Interview Preparation

Going through an interview is part of the application process. When it comes to a CR-1 Visa Thailand Application, interviews are often held at the US Embassy Thailand. A CR-1 Visa Thailand Lawyer can help your spouse or Fiancee prepare for it adequately.

Moreover, they are allowed to be present during the interview. This way, in case of any mishaps, the CR-1 visa Thailand Lawyer can help you deal with them. Hence, CR-1 visa Thailand lawyers can help increase your chances of success.

Thai Law and Procedures

The CR- 1 Thailand Visa application goes through a series of processes. Moreover, it often involves particular immigration laws that may or may not affect the application process. Specifically, Thai Laws and procedures.

A CR-1 visa Thailand Lawyer is in a better position to ensure that your application gets processed.

Appropriate Legal Representation

Certain immigration cases may involve complicated considerations and aspects. Such cases may call for certain waivers over the individuals involved. However, for such waivers to be approved or put into effect, you will need a legal representative.

CR-1 visa Lawyers from Thailand are best to represent you due to their experience. They are much more informed and aware of such situations and circumstances.

In conclusion, you can get professional and experienced lawyers from the Garn Tuntasatityanond and Associates law firm. With a couple of years under their belt, they have managed to represent diverse legal cases. They are especially successful with family and spouse matters.

Hence, be sure to visit their website at http://www.thailand-lawyer-bangkok.com/ for more information.

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