Why hire the K1 Visa lawyer in Thailand?

The fiancé visa petition, popularly known as K1 visa, is a documentary and time-intensive process. Since most immigration policies demand the applicant to face this trial alone, the petitioner is separated from his loved one and this can be a cause for concern if not an anxious moment. For instance, if you missed important information or documentation in your petition, there could be unexpected delays that may take longer to solve without the help of K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailand.

A K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailand will be responsible for guiding you, and ensuring you’ve collected the necessities before proceeding to the next stages of your visa petition. If there is as little as a spelling error on your petition form or have missed entering a detail in your document, it’ll significantly slow down or even halt the process altogether. In some cases, all your forms and documents may be correctly filed and submitted but the petition may be denied on account of the illegitimacy of the relationship in question.

Therefore, hiring a K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailandis the best strategy to go about it, since they are immigration specialists and they increase the success rate of the application, courtesy of the years of experience processing countless fiancé visas. Moreover, they are better connected, or rather have a network with the relevant bodies involved in the visa application process i.e., the U.S. immigration agency and the U.S. embassy. In addition, they guarantee a possibility of success if you followed all the procedures and requirements to the latter.

While it is not uncommon for some cases to hit a dead end and not get approved, K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailand have the ability to overcome this by providing legal consultations and offering alternatives to your predicament.

Advantages of using a K1 Visa lawyer, Thailand

A K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailand provides assistance to a Thai fiancée of a US citizen to immigrate to the US through the acquisition of the K1 visa. A K1 visa will allow the Thai national to live in the US for a period of 90 days, as long as they both have the intention of getting married within this period. The K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailand can be thought of, as a vanguard since Thai immigration system and underlying laws tend to be confusing. Moreover, having all the “necessary” documents may not be enough to guarantee your K1 visa application, re-application and extension of stay in the US. Therefore, you’ll have to employ the services of a K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailand of you can lias with your relevant embassy office in the capital.

A K1 Visa lawyer, Thailand is highly adept in their field of expertise and having a K1 Visa Lawyer, Thailand on your side significantly lessens the burden faced regarding visa and immigration matters, official documentation which allows the couple in question to experience US life, before culminating with the final decision of tying the knot and living a happy and fulfilling life with your Thai spouse.

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