What To Know Before Bringing Your Thai Girlfriend to the US

In order for your Thai girlfriend to visit you in the US, she will need to get a US visa. The kind of visa required is dependent on her intentions during her visit to the US as well as the reasons for the trip

It can be difficult or easy to obtain a travel visa for your Thai girlfriend for her to visit you in the US considering the process will differ from one country to the other. First, she will need to get a Thai passport and then both of you will have to apply for a travel visa at your respective consulate or embassy in Bangkok in order to travel to your country. You will first need to check with your consulate in order to obtain a list of the documentation required. If possible, you can look from other people from your country who have gone through the same process so you can get helpful tips on the process and to also get first-hand information about how the consulate or embassy deals with such matters.

Why your US visa get rejected by the US immigration authorities

You need to know that the consulate or embassy may reject your visa application for your Thai girlfriend without giving you any particular reason. Even if you have the list of documentation required this also does not mean that following all the steps in the process will ensure you get the visa. Additionally, you have to make sure that you get everything right the first time you go through the process. Do not merely submit your application to see if it will be rejected before putting in all that effort. Most of the consulates or embassies will not put a rejection stamp in the applicant’s passport, but they will stamp to indicate that the visa was applied for on a specific date. If the passport does not have the corresponding visa stamp to indicate an approval, then the subsequent officer will possibly make note of this and assume that kit has been rejected. You should be aware that this is all standard procedure and they will even put a “visa applied for” stamp on the said passport as they give it back to you after informing you of your rejection.

How to bring your Thai girlfriend to the US

If you want to bring your Thai girlfriend to the US, you should probably know that the US immigration authorities normally assume by law that anyone looking to visit the United States intends to live there permanently or immigrate there even the person is only applying for a tourist visa. The fact that your Thai girlfriend has a Boyfriend who lives in the US will make it harder for her to refute such assumptions. The immigration authorities will generally take your relationship evidence supporting the impression that you want to come into the United States permanently into consideration. As such, unless you have any additional proof, the immigration authorities will not accept yours or your Thai girlfriend’s statements.

The consulate or embassy will also look for reasons for your Thai girlfriend to go back to Thailand such as a good job back home, money in the bank account over a long period, major assets, and land ownership. If your Thai girlfriend, for example, only has a 6th grade government school education, no assets, and/or no business of her own, then she might have a hard time getting her application approved.

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