What if K1 Visa For your Thai Girlfriend is Denied?

In order to increase your chances for your K1 visa for Thai girlfriend approval, you need to understand some of the reasons why the U.S. embassy may deny, delay or refuse your visa application. According to the United States Immigration and Nationality Act, the U.S. embassy in Bangkok, Thailand can either approve or deny immigration visas to various parties. There are various legal and inadmissibility reasons that can lead to a U.S. K1 visa for Thai girlfriend denial.

What Next When K1 Visa For your Thai Girlfriend is Denied?

If you applied for a K1 visa for Thai girlfriend and she was denied the visa, don’t give up. There’s still hope. Issues like prostitution, financial hardships, communicable diseases and overstay are some of the inadmissible reasons that may make the consular officer deny the K1 visa for a Thai girlfriend. In this case, 601 waiver can help.

K1 visa for Thai girlfriend is one of the fastest and easiest U.S. visa options for American citizens planning to take a Thai fiancé to America for marriage. For a U.S. citizen who has married a foreign spouse and wish to take the spouse to America, a K3 visa applies. For K1 visa applicant with unmarried child/children aged below 21 years and wish to take the children along with them to America, they apply for a K2 visa. In case either of these visa applications are denied, let’s see how 601 waiver can help in the incidence of a K1 visa for Thai girlfriend denial.

How 1601 Waiver Can Help With Inadmissibility Problems?

1601 is section under the Immigration and Nationality Act of the U.S. constitution that allows petitions for K1 visa for Thai girlfriend or other visa denial. For you to be granted the 1601 waiver as a US citizen or as a lawful permanent resident, you must provide enough evidence to show how the failure of the consular officer to grant the waiver will extremely affect your relationship or even lead to severe hardships.

If your petition for K1 visa for Thai girlfriend was denied as a result of a communicable disease, the waiver gives you an opportunity to provide enough evidence if that the disease has been treated. As a petitioner, you need to provide a strong evidence that your foreign fiancé is going to be admitted to the U.S. she is not going to become a public charge

If you have been denied a K1 visa for Thai girlfriend, you need to first identify why the visa was denied so that you can prepare for your waiver petition. Applicants for K1 visaare highly advised not to go about this process alone. Seek help from a qualified immigration attorney to guarantee you a successful application.

Why You Need An Immigration Attorney?

U.S. embassy is known to be very strict when admitting foreigners to the country. K1 visa for Thai girlfriend is not an exceptional. Finding an experienced immigration attorney can be very beneficial. This helps the applicants or petitioners to be fully prepared with the petition process and interviews by providing them with up to date guidelines and instructions to help them provide real and strong evidence to help the consular officer make a favorable judgement.

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