What Everyone Must Know About K1 Visa Thailand

Every year, thousands of US citizens file petitions to get their Thai spouses to the USA, but are all the petitions successful? If you want your Thai fiancé to join you and get married in America within 90 days, you need to apply for a K1 Visa. For you to have an easy petition, here is everything you need to know about K1 visa Thailand.

Do You Want To Get Your Thai Spouse To The US? How To Get Started

The process of applying for a K1 visa Thailand can be confusing and frustrating if you don’t know how and where to get started. The most important thing to do before you file a petition on behalf of your Thai fiancé is to know the requirements.

If you have proofs that both you and your Thai fiancé has been in a substantiated relationship and you have physically met within the previous two years, and that both of you are single and legally eligible for marriage, then you can proceed with your K1 visa Thailand petition.

Why You Need Assistance From A Thai Immigration Lawyer

Understanding and interpreting all the US immigration rules can be very taxing for you. If you wish to succeed in your K1 visa application, hiring a Thai based immigration attorney can be a great idea.

K1 visa Thailand applies to a US citizen who wants to take his/her Thai fiancé to America with the intention of getting married within 90 days. Within this period, the two of you can finalise your marriage plans and officiate your marriage and then apply for a status adjusted.

If it happens that no marriage happens within these 90 days, then the Thai spouse must leave the US before the visa expiration date. Also, if the Thai fiancé changes mind and decides to get married to another spouse, other than you, then the K1 Visa Thailand is cancelled.

About Kids – You Can Have Them On-board

If your Thai fiancé wishes to enter America with the children, it is permissible. You only need to petition for a K2 Visa.

What’s The Procedure?

Your Thai immigration lawyer will help you know and provide all the necessary documents and fill the forms proved during the petition for your Thai spouse. Hiring a Thai speaking lawyer is very important for a smooth and fast petition and also to help you fill the Thai immigration forms which may be written in Thai language.

Your lawyer assists you to get acquainted with the United States Citizen and Immigration Services ((USCIS) as you file your petition and also escort you to the US embassy.

Once your application is approved, you are invited for K1 visa interview and then you can wait to hear what the embassy decides concerning your petition for K1 visa Thailand. If the visa is approved, then your Thai spouse can join you and experience life together in America, get accustomed to the US and you finalise your plans to get married within the allotted 90 days.

Need Help?

If you don’t know how to get started with K1 visa Thailand, you need the assistance of a Thai lawyer to help you with an easy and successful petition.

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