US K1 Visa For Thai Girlfriend and Eligibility Requirements

If you are a US citizen and wish to take your Thai Girlfriend to the US country with an intention to marry her, apply for a US K1 visa to comply with the United States Immigration Services. Any attempt to take your Thai Girlfriend to America for marriage using different US visa can be viewed as trying to evade the set balances and checks in America. Read this article below to find out more about the US K1 visa eligibility requirements.

Why Take Your Thai Girlfriend Back To The U.S. Using A K1 Visa?

There are many benefits of applying for a K1 visa for Thai girlfriend compared to the other US visa options available today. The K1 Thailand visa meant for a foreign fiancé but not a married spouse. For a U.S spouse who wishes to apply for a visa to take his foreign spouse to America, a K3 visa applies.

Obtaining a K1 visa for Thai girlfriend or fiancee is easier much faster compared to the other U.S visa options including the K3 visa. The K1 visa process takes between 4-6 months on average time. The K1 visa allows your Thai fiancé to have children added to the visa petition and the children are granted a K2 visa. Such children must be unmarried and aged below 21 years of age.

After a successful application for a K1 visa, your fiancée or girlfriend becomes eligible to engage in lawful employment in America. All what’s needed is to fill form 1-765 then get a go ahead to work in the U.S.

The K1 visa specifically meant for singles or a legally divorced spouse with an intention to marry a foreign fiancé in America. Once your Thai fiancé arrives in America, the K1 visa or fiancée visa becomes valid for 90 days before you are legally married. The K1 visa fiancé is allowed to work in America only after applying for a work permit.

Getting A K1visa For Thai Girlfriend Has Never Been This Easy

Do you want to have your goals of bringing your Thai Girlfriend back to the US fast and with less hassle? The process has never been this easy. Find a reliable and highly experienced Thai attorney to help you with all your K1 visa for Thai girlfriend needs. This is the very first step to guide you get your K1 visa to help you know the K1 visa requirements.

To access your K1 visa for Thai fiancée or girlfriend petition, your Thai attorney will provide you with a questionnaire, you fill in the required details and then forward the form along with the documents needed. The attorney forwards your completed K1 petition form together with your documents to the USCIS. You receive a letter from the USCIS in a week’s time

Interviews For A K1 Visa In Thailand

For a successful K1 visa process, the fiancé must be interviewed at the consular section of the US embassy in Bangkok and then wait for the response shortly thereafter.

Have A Question About US fiancee Visa from Thailand?

If you have any question about the K1 visa for Thai girlfriendprocess, we can help. Call us now or visit our website for detailed information.

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