Hired U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors for Visa of My Thai Girlfriend

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

I hope this letter makes it on to your web site so others who are looking for professional help can read it. It is my opinion that the processing of a U.S. immigration visa needs to be handled properly to ensure that two people who are in love can spend their lives together.

I want to share my experience with others so they can see what will be happening to them. I think everyone of you could have the same experiences as my girlfriend and I. My girlfriend and I were deeply in love and couldn’t imaging not spending the rest of our lives together. I needed my girlfriend with me in America. I couldn’t move to Thailand and leave my job, kids, home, all my responsibilities, etc. My girlfriend had a low paying dead end job and no prospects of a better life. She did have her family who she was close to and committed to, and certainly she would miss them, but she needed to think about her future happiness and well being, and she knew it would benefit her family when she was in a better position to help them. My initial belief about bringing my girlfriend to America was that all she needed was a passport. Boy did I get my eyes opened to the difficulties people from third world countries have when trying to travel. After learning that more than a passport was required we applied for a tourist visa. It was denied and my girlfriend’s interview was not conducted politely. We were lost, and upset. Giving up wasn’t something that we would even think about. I was pissed off by the unfairness.

Like many Americans, when I get pissed off by the unfairness of something I talk to lawyers. For me, and perhaps for you too, this was the most important thing in my life at the time, it was my future with a person who I was deeply in love with. I didn’t just want to talk to a lawyer I intended to hire a lawyer, but I didn’t want any lawyer, I wanted the best and I wasn’t settling for second best. My girlfriend and I interview several law firms. Most were idiots, others were clearly scammers, aggressive and untrustworthy. One U.S lawyer in Bangkok seemed to know what he was talking about but he was not a nice person. He didn’t care about us and didn’t have any bed side manner. It was a discouraging process.

We hadn’t accomplished anything and it was time for me to return to Los Angeles and get back to work. When I got home I did a Google search, found a couple of companies, including the unfriendly, uncaring U.S. lawyer my girlfriend and I met with, and for just a moment I re-considered him until I came across U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s website www.mythaifiancee.com

It was exactly what I expected to see, perfectly and professionally laid out, easy to navigate with real information tailor to exactly what we needed. It could not have been better and I instantly knew that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and company were the most professional, experienced and real caring people. To top it off there seemed like a million letters written by people just like my girlfriend and I who had obtained visas through U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s company and had nothing but nice things to say.

I called the 800 number and was put through to U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors. I found U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors to be extremely knowledgeable, sharp and thorough. We talked for a while and he wasn’t in a rush to get me off the phone even though I could tell he was busy by the sounds of phones ringing in the background, and his staff interrupting him a couple of times with questions. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors asked me questions and seemed genuinely interested in me as a person. He suggested that my girlfriend could come by his office and meet with him and his staff to see what she felt about working with him and his team. I thought this was very nice. After speaking with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors I was comfortable enough to hire him on the spot but I didn’t want to be selfish so I took him up on his offer and my girlfriend went to see him. My girlfriend reported back to me that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and staff were very kind and polite people who really knew what they were doing. My girlfriend met some of their other clients in the reception waiting room who spoke very positively about there experiences.

The rest is history, after we made the decision to hire U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors, everything went perfectly and 5 months later my girlfriend was with me in America. I have to say the hardest part of the process was selecting the law firm.

I wanted you to know our experience and I bet if you have been looking around you can see the same things we did.

All the best to you,

Mike D.
Los Angeles, CA

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