U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors FAQs

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok, Thailand answers frequently asked complex American Visa questions

Frequently asked (complex) questions: Click on question to see the answer.

Question 1: I met my fiancee in a bar, she has worked as a prostitute, can she get a visa?

Question 2: My fiancee has told me that she has never worked in a bar, but I met her in Pattaya and she has lived and worked there for the last 5 years. I think she is telling me the truth but I am afraid the Embassy will make things difficult for her and she is also scare they will accuse her of being a bar girl. She works as office staff at a real estate office which I can personally confirm having visited there.

Question 3: I would like to get a visa for my transgendered girlfriend, is this possible?

Question 4: What is the total cost of processing a K-1 fiancee visa?

Question 5: What qualifications must I meet in order to sponsor my fiancee’s visa?

Question 6: What if I do not earn the minimum income required to sponsor my fiancee?

Question 7: My fiancee would like her child to get a visa, but she doesn’t have custody documents, what can we do to get her child a visa to come to America with my fiancee?

Question 8: My fiancee was just denied a visa at the Embassy, is there anything that can be done?

Question 9: My fiancee traveled to the US on a tourist visa but was denied entry at the airport upon arrival. It was a difficult experience for her, she was interrogated for 4 hours and questioned about making a fraudulent application. Now she is scare about trying again, but I love and miss her and want her with me in the US. What are our options?

Question 10: I wanted to save money and started a visa application myself, it seemed pretty straightforward but my visa application was kicked back twice at USCIS. It took me a year but I finally got the USCIS approval. I am now looking at a much more complicated application process at the Embassy. I now know that I can’t do the Embassy processing myself and I need help. Can you help me?

Question 11: I want to start a fiancee visa for my girlfriend but she is still married to a guy from the UK. They were married in the UK in 2009 and now she doesn’t know where he is and can not contact him. We don’t want to put our lives on hold and all Thailand law firms we have spoken to don’t know how to handle a case of divorce when the marriage took place outside of Thailand. You seem to have a lot more experience with visas than other firms so I am hoping that you have run into this situation before. To me it doesn’t seem like it should be uncommon but apparently it is. Please help, you are our last resort.

Question 12: I have heard that USCIS is no longer processing K-3 visas, is that correct.

Question 13: My wife and I were married at the Thai Embassy in Kuwait. USCIS approved my wife’s visa application but at the Embassy interview, the final stage of the process, we were told that her visa was denied because our marriage is not valid. What can we do?

Question 14: My Thai fiancee and her family don’t want us to marry because they have been told that if she is married to a foreigner, I am an American, she is not allowed to own property in Thailand. Can this kind of primitive law really exist?

Question 15: Do my fiancee’s children need to travel to the USA at the same time as my fiancee?

Question 16: My fiancee entered the USA on a K-1 fiancee visa but had to leave before we were married, what can we do?

Question 17: After my fiancee arrives in America on her K-1 visa can I take her outside of the USA on a honeymoon?

Question 18: Can my fiancee marry and stay with another man after she arrives in the USA on the K-1 fiancee that I sponsored?

Question 19: My Thai girlfriend and I have a one year old son together. I understand that I can get him a passport at the US Embassy in Bangkok, but can my girlfriend get a visa to the USA based on the fact that her son is a US citizen?

Question 20: Your firm filed a fiancee visa for me a few months ago but my fiancee and I have now terminated our relationship, what do we do with the pending visa application?

Question 21: My name appears differently on my driver’s license, passport, and social security card than on my birth certificate and USCIS is asking for a name change certificate, but I have never officially changed my name.

Question 22: I am a permanent resident of the USA, not an American citizen. Six months ago your firm filed a visa petition for my wife. We were informed that a visa number was not available for my wife. Upon your advice I have now obtained my American citizenship, what is the next step?

Question 23: I have just learned that the notices sent to me by USCIS have been returned as undeliverable. How is this possible when they have my correct address?

Question 24: During my fiancee’s medical exam for her visa she was diagnosed with TB. I have been told that this makes her ineligible for the visa, is that correct?

Question 25: My fiancee has a criminal background; does this disqualify her for a visa to the USA?

Question 26: My wife has a ten year green card. She just spent the last 14 months in Thailand during her pregnancy and delivery of our baby. When she tried to return to the US she was denied admission. What can be done to get her back to America?

Question 27: Will my fiancee be deported if we do not marry within 90 days of her arrival and apply for her green card?

Question 28: Will my fiancee be able to work once she enters the USA?

Question 29: Will my wife be able to work once she enters the USA?

Question 30: My US citizen husband has died while my visa application is processing. Will I still be able to get the visa?

Question 31: My wife’s 19 year old daughter has been denied a CR-1 Alien Relative visa, for which I am the petitioner as step-father. USCIS has stated that the reason for the denial is because I am required to marry her mother before the child’s 18th birthday. As I married my wife after her daughter’s 18th birthday USCIS is stating that she can not have a visa.  This seems like a strange and unfair law, what can I do?

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