Tom Says Nan Wanted Me to Thanks U.S. Immigration Legal Advisorsd in Bangkok Thailand Staff for Taking Such Good Care of Her Daughters

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and Staff,

Our two daughters are now with us in Bothell and we are once again a complete family unit due to your great work. I am writing to tell you that the girls’ green cards arrived yesterday and the social security cards arrived last week. Now we feel stable and ready to proceed with a normal life. The girls are picking up English at lighting speed, it must be their young minds, I wish I could pick up Thai as easily. Nan wanted me to thank you U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok Thailand staff for taking such good care of her daughters. They told Nan that they actually had fun and there was nothing difficult about the process except getting the vaccines at Bumrungrad.  But to speak sincerely and from the heart regarding both Nan’s visa and the girl’s visas we want to thank you very much U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors for your good work. In addition, due to the time we have spent together we feel that our relationship has gone beyond being one of your clients to one of friendship. Nan and I both feel that you are a good person who truly cares about people. This care and friendship means a great deal to Nan and I. All the best with a bright and happy future, we will stay in touch.

Tom and Nan
Bothell, WA

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