Timothy C. Enthusiastically Recommends U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors, in Bangkok Thailand

Dear U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and Staff,

Sue and I can’t thank you enough helping us through the quagmire that is the fiancee visa application process. Sue received her visa in late May and she will arrive in America with her daughter on Friday. We were impressed with the attention you gave to even the smallest of details, and how easy you made it for us to understand the application process with your step by step explanations and guidance. To be honest I was a little cynical at first regarding your 100% success rate, but the result of Sue’s visa being issued and your simple explanation of how you pre-qualify people are proof that you really know what you are doing. Now I can easily understand how you have a 100% success rate. Sue and O sincerely appreciate the care and support your staff gave to them. I want to thank you U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors for taking such good care of them and for making it possible for us to be together. I enthusiastically recommend U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors, and his staff to anyone needing a US visa for their Thai fiancee or wife.

Timothy C.
Pittsburg, PA

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