Thomas & Apple Say, U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Provides Personal Care to His Clients

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors staff

It is my firm belief that it is the personal care U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors provide to Thai lady clients that sets U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors far apart and above all the other immigration law firms and visa companies. It was the deciding factor for me in selecting U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors. When U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors said that you would take care of Apple with the same care that I would if I were able to be in Thailand with her is what did it for me. Your words clearly demonstrated your sincerity. When you added that you would take care of her like I would if I was able to speak, read, and write Thai and had the knowledge and experience of a immigration attorney it spoke volumes and made me quickly realize that while my intention may be good, I am not qualified to get her the visa. With the visa being so important to both of us and knowing that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors would take good care of Apple, you were the clear and obvious choice. The end result is that you preformed exactly as promised and Apple and I are together today. We couldn’t be happier without your service.

Thomas & Apple
Middletown, NJ

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