Things you may have missed while applying for US visa for your Thai girlfriend

The success rate of US visa for your Thai girlfriend approval depends on many factors such as proof of documentation, Interview Questions, Qualifications etc. Your embassy/consulate can reject a visa application without stating any reason. Thus, it has to be very aware about the simple mistakes that can get your visa application denied.

1. Avoid Breaking the US Visa Rules

Once you’re applying for the US visa for your Thai Girlfriend/Wife or Fiancee keep in mind to avoid issues with your US visa status. The US visa of your Thai Girlfriend passport will state how long you can stay, so be respectful & follow the rules.

2. Research the visas

Before you start applying for a visa, research it. Take a look at the criteria and whether you can meet them. Learn about the necessary documents. Our Legal advisors are an excellent guide to help you know everything & getting the visa for your Thai girlfriend.

3. Be prepare for the interview questions

While getting into the USA is a matter of cheer, often the exhilaration is dampened by the prospect of a Visa Interview. Your Girlfriend from Thailand or any other country swear by the grueling sessions with the Visa Interviewer and how all their plans might simply go to waste if the person deny the application. However, here you can go through the blog list of Questions to help you in preparing for interview and be very well prepared for the interview session.

4. Collect your documents on time

Your Thai Girlfriend has to collect all the necessary documents to get the US visa. The US embassy is quite strict about issuing visas and navigating the visa process can be. Do not wait until the miracle happen; just start getting your documents ready. In case your visa application isn’t totally sorted it will be rejected, and then you’ll have to wait so long to apply again.

5. Be patient

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. The U.S Embassy will be processing your case and will take some time to get back to you with a final answer. Do not call the Embassy continuously to check up on them. They will notify you itself when they make their decision.
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