Things to Know Before you Hire a Immigration Lawyer in Thailand

Not all Immigration lawyers in Thailand have the same level of expertise. Just because a lawyer has been licensed to practice in your state does not mean they have the level of expertise to handle your case. Your case is very important and should be handled by an experienced Immigration Lawyer. You should know the things for being acknowledge if your Thai lawyer have the experience necessary to handle your case.

Questions to Ask the Prospective Immigration Law Attorney in Thailand

  1. How long has he been a lawyer?

(Generally, although not always, the longer the attorney has been an attorney the better.)

  1. 2. How long has she been working in the immigration law arena?

(Just because an attorney has been practicing law for 30 years does not mean that the attorney has been practicing immigration law that long)

  1. 3. Is their practice limited to Immigration law or do they handle other areas as well?

(Many attorneys handle one or two areas of law. That is fine. You would have concerns, however, if your attorney is handling several areas of law and immigration. It is difficult to stay on top of developments in one area of the law (especially an area which changes as much as immigration law does) let alone several areas at one time. You should hire a lawyer who is handling immigration cases day in and day out.

  1. 4. Once you’ve made the decision to hire an immigration attorney in Thailand, make sure to ask him or her, what their win rate is.
  2. 5. You should ask the lawyer at your first meeting how difficult it will be to reach him if you have any questions. Generally, you can get a good idea by how quickly he has responded to you at this point. It is a good sign if the office appears to be run smoothly and the lawyer seems to know his clients and their cases.

Legal Fees

Some Immigration Attorneys in Thailand charge a flat fee for the services they offer and some charge an hourly fee. The attorney may only charge for the services he or she is offering and the fee may not include the application filing fee that must be paid to USCIS. In this case, applicants must pay a separate fee to the attorney and the required application filing fee to USCIS. They need to check with the attorney what services the fee covers prior to hiring the attorney and making the payment.

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