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US Immigration Blog - , (Is it difficult getting a US travel visa for Thai Girlfriend?)

The United States and other countries like Spain & France also topped the list of the world’s most visited countries. Therefore obtaining a US Tourist Visa at the US Embassy in Thailand can be quite difficult but if you know about hiring a US immigration attorney then the process will be smooth & easy. If your Thai girlfriend wants to enter the United States must first obtain a US Tourist Visa from Thailand. Continue reading

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US Immigration Blog - , (Choose the Best Legal Advisors for US Visa Services from Thailand)

There are so many legal advisors providing US immigration services from Thailand. Thus, it is very important to choose which one is best for your US visa application.

Choosing the best legal advisor can make your visa process easier. In this hectic life, we hardly get a spear time to check everything regarding the whole process and documentation of US visa application. To save time and to make this process easy, we hire Immigration legal advisors, who have all the knowledge about the US visa process whether it is Required Documents, Interview Questions, Tourist visa for your Thai Girlfriend or K1, K3 Marriage Visa etc. Immigration Law Firm can help you with all. Continue reading

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