Steven & Nat S Says U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok Thailand Staff Have my Highest Recommendation

Review and Recommendation for U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors

Our experience was delightful and painless. When I first decided to bring Nat to live me in America I thought all she needed was a passport and a plane ticket, after all that was all I needed to go to see her in Thailand. So after having to leave her behind at the airport I was quite devastated. We then started to do some research. We stopped at the Embassy where they wouldn’t give us any information to help us. Across the street from the Embassy we found a visa service company that convinced us to hire them to process a tourist visa for Nat. They guaranteed it. It was denied. We then decided to be more cautious and interviewed 2 firms we found on the internet, neither of them impressed us. When we finally met with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok, Thailand staff we felt at home. We had finally met people who were honest and sincerely care about us. We knew instantly that we had come to the right place. Being a business owner with more than 50 employees I appreciated U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s professionalism and confidence. His confidence gave me confidence especially after seeing it backed up by his knowledge, experience and track record. I also really liked and appreciated the way U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and staff took care of Nat. His staff really knows what they are doing and they are very nice. There are a lot of wrong people, as we learned the hard way, but U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors is the right man. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors staff have my highest recommendation. Best wishes to all.

Steven & Nat S.
Henderson, NV

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