Robert Butler Gives U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors The Highest Professional Recommendation I Have Ever Given Any Business Or Service

When I became engaged to my fiancee in Thailand she called her best friend to tell her. Her friend was already living in the United States and was married to a man from Washington. During her speaking she put me on the line with her friends’ husband so he could tell me his experience with the process of bringing my wife to the United Staes.

He recommended that I contact U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors (My Thai Fiancee) and speak about my case.

I am an executive chef for the oil industry and have seen many many of my employees going through the process trying to do it themselves and watching them putting thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of their own time trying to weave their way through the paperwork document jungle. Quickly said U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors is everything you should and could want in aiding you in bringing a fiancee home. When you consider the time and money and aggravation involved with the process I do consider it some of the best and wisest money I have ever spent in my life. Not only is the cost extremely reasonable the personal time I saved not doing it myself was worth 4 times the cost to me. My wife was treated with the utmost professional service and with the care in doing it that is missing almost everywhere in the business/service world today. It could not have been easier for me and my wife joined me after only a several month wait for the visa.  If you are lucky enough to have found the woman of your dreams as I have it is the ONLY way to get your visa processed. In retrospect I have no illusions that it would have taken me several years and a lot of my own hair to do it myself. I would have done many things wrong thinking I was doing it well. In closing the service and value I received from U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors (My Thai Fiancee) is the best way to go in my mind. Do BOTH of yourselves a favor and call for an interview if you value your time and money and enjoy peace of mind. I give U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok Thailand the highest professional recommendation I have ever given any business or service.

Robert Butler,
Palmer Alaska

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