Reasons to Hire a US Immigration Lawyer in Thailand

The US Immigration Attorneys in Thailand works with a focus on K1 fiancée visa and K3 marriage visa for Thai nationals. An experienced US immigration lawyer and licensed Thai family lawyers can provide quality and comprehensive legal services that requires.

Why do you need a US Immigration Lawyer in Thailand?

The importance hiring a US Immigration Lawyer in Thailand can be attributed to the complexity of Thailand immigration policies. As a matter of fact, thai immigration laws are considered as one of the most complicated in the whole world. Changes do take place every now and then. This alone justifies the need to get Thai Lawyer help. Meanwhile, web information is not always so true, unless written by a particular immigration lawyer. Despite of the seemingly fast-paced environment of the internet, it is undeniable that websites offering information are not always updated.

What Immigration lawyers offer in Thailand ?

A law firm with licensed US immigration lawyers based in Bangkok, Thailand can assist you with your US visa Thailand application by helping you complete and file all necessary forms and gather and translate the appropriate documentation to ensure your petition is complete and accurate. US immigration lawyers in Thailand can also help your fiancée or spouse prepare for the US Embassy Thailand interview and will be present at the Embassy on the day of the interview.
A team of US -Thailand immigration lawyers and Thai family lawyers are in the most strategic position to assist you because most of the application process is carried out through the US Embassy in Bangkok. Although K1 and K3 visa acquisition is a US law process, many issues arrive that involve Thai law, and in particular Thai family law.

Certain cases also involve complex immigration considerations that require US visa waivers from Thailand for which only a licensed US immigration attorney is qualified to represent you.

You will get a guaranteed K-1 or K-3 visa application for being successful

There are different meanings to the term “guarantee”. US Immigration Lawyers in Thailand guarantees their work and their professional qualifications 100 percent. Guaranteeing a visa, however, is a different question than guaranteeing one’s work. Since K1 and K3 visa are approved by the US government, a private business is unable to guarantee government approval.

Some are usually distraction techniques used by unlicensed practitioners to avoid answering more relevant questions such as:  Are you a licensed US immigration lawyer?  Are you a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association?  A licensed US Immigration Lawyer believes that a client deserves qualified and experienced representation and not gimmicky claims and quack practitioners.

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