Phil B shares his story about visa application process

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

I am writing this letter in hopes that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Thailand will post it on U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Thailand website so other couples who have not yet begun the visa application process can read it. I think it’s important that they are informed about the serious nature of visa applications for US immigration.

I want to share our story with you so you can get some insight into what you will encounter. Many of you may be in the same situation as Jum and I. We had spent a enough time together to know we were deeply in love with each other. I needed to stay in America to maintain my job, house, and all of my responsibilities. But I knew I couldn’t live without Jum in my life. At first I didn’t have any concern about Jum’s ability to come to the USA. Initially, I thought it was as easy as getting her a passport. After learning that Jum required a visa we applied for and were denied a tourist visa. Crushed by the denial of the tourist visa we didn’t know what to do next.

I could only stay in Thailand with Jum for another 2 days before I had to return to my job. So we used this time to personally visit the many visa companies that were in the same area as the embassy. We spent two full days listening to people who were either trying to scam us, or who didn’t know what they were talking about. Some people were nice but way too pushy. Some people were nice but unprofessional. I didn’t have any confidence with any of them.

When I returned home I search for a local immigration lawyer and talked with several on the telephone. They were all very confident in their abilities. But when it came to answering specific questions the answers were not clear, kind of like how a politician answers a question. I needed to take some action so I hire a lawyer who started the application for us. We actually ended up doing most of the work because the lawyer couldn’t speak Thai with Jum and didn’t understand the document requirements for people from Thailand. It took two months after hiring him to finally get the application submitted to USCIS. While USCIS was processing the application I came across USA Legal Thailand website at

I liked everything the website said, the professional layout, the video and the many testimonials from satisfied clients. I sent an initial e-mail with a request for basic information. I was surprised with the amount of information I received that explained the visa application process and the qualifications of the company. Then I sent a follow up e-mail with specific questions that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Thailand replied to. The answers U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Bangkok Thailand provided were clearly explained and made sense. Then I called U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors to ask if he could take over our application. When talking with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors I could see that he took the time to know about us, our case and our situation. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors was honest in his answer and told me that he would first need to review the application that had been presented to USCIS. After his review he pointed out several things that had been done that would make things more difficult for us at the Embassy where the final decision would be made. Things that he would not have done but that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors could correct for us. I later learned that had he not completed the application for us there was no way Jum would have gotten the visa. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors staff completed everything for us in a nice and professional way and Jum received her visa no doubt due to U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s knowledge and professionalism.  Folks, this is a serious thing. If your love your fiancee’ don’t mess around, be careful, be smart and do it right. Jum and I experienced a great deal of stress about this process mostly because of the unqualified people advising us. Once U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors was working on our application we were much more confident and assured of a positive outcome.

Phil B.
Indianapolis, IN

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