My Girlfriend Visa Process Was Perfect & Much Faster Than Others

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

I would to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding job performed by your staff in the processing of my girlfriend’s visa application. Beginning with the substantial submissions of documentation, obtaining my girlfriend’s criminal background checks from Thailand and the United Kingdom, walking my girlfriend though the medical exam, and Brian personally interceding when there was a problem, to the meticulous preparation and rehearsal for the final and most important step in the process, the embassy interview. My girlfriend and I sincerely appreciated the fact that Brian and his staff were able to speed the processing of the visa application by being prepared and ready to act in advance of each step, and by anticipating potential pitfalls and making sure we avoided them.

Of course we wanted to obtain the visa as soon as possible, this became a reality for us due to the fact that we were in the capable hands of Brian Wright. Not only does his firm have a 100% success rate they are able to get things done much faster than others. I know this because I was signed up with an online community where experiences were shared with other people just like us who were processing the same types of visas at the same time as we were, including each member of the community entering the dates of each small advancement and event.

My girlfriend was apprehensive about the medical exam. Remarkably, Brian was able to tell her that the doctor who would be performing the medical exam was his doctor. This is remarkable because the embassy only approves 2 hospitals in Bangkok for medical exams and the hospital Brian’s staff would take us to had only 6 doctors on staff who were certificated by the embassy to perform the exam. Brian also explained that his doctor was also the doctor to the people who owned the hospital. That the hospital was the first JCI accredited hospital in Asia with American standards. This became very important when my girlfriends chest x-ray showed an abnormality. Brian came to the hospital right away and was received by the doctors and nurses with respect and VIP treatment. Brian selected the specialist he wanted for my girlfriend and oversaw everything.

Could we be happier? Unlikely. We really feel like we were represented by the best. The entire process was perfect in every way and the result was exactly what we hoped for.

Steven P.
Springfield, IL

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