My fiancee traveled to the US on tourist visa but was denied entry at airport upon arrival

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Question: My fiancee traveled to the US on a tourist visa but was denied entry at the airport upon arrival. It was a difficult experience for her, she was interrogated for 4 hours and questioned about making a fraudulent application. Now she is scare about trying again, but I love and miss her and want her with me in the US. What are our options?

Answer by U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok, Thailand: Most often consular officers will not issue tourist visas to people who do not qualify, but everyone once in a while a non-qualifying applicant falls through the cracks and obtains a visa. In this situation it is very rare that a non-qualifying applicant will be allowed entry upon arrival in America.

We will need to review the transcript of the interrogation, interview your fiancee, and review all documents submit during the visa application process. If there has been fraud or misrepresentation of facts or information your fiancee could be found ineligible. A waiver to this ineligibility could be available. A visa is obtainable, but the application and waiver process is complex and needs to be taken very seriously.

We always advise people against attempting to obtain tourist visas for these reasons. There are many firms and companies who will assure you of their ability to obtain a tourist visa, we believe this is improper and unfair, we prefer to tell people the truth. The time and money wasted on a tourist visa application is better spent on a visa application that will be successful.

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