Kevin P from Philadelphia highly recommends U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok Thailand, to Anyone

Dear U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

You were right, bring my fiancee to America was the most important thing in my life. Thanks to you I can now use the word was. Living apart from the person you love is painful. Trying to maintain a relationship long distance is difficult. The stress of processing a visa on my own or with a less experienced firm would have been too stressful for something so important. Now that we have completed the process and we have the visa I can look back at everything that transpired and say that it couldn’t have gone smoother and U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors you and your office U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors staff couldn’t have performed better. I am of course delighted with the outcome, but I can tell you now that I am also very happy with the process and the professional job U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors staff did for us. I would highly recommend U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors to anyone looking to obtain a visa for their Thai lady.

Kevin P.
Philadelphia, PA

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