K1 Fiance Visa Processing In Thailand

Thousands of US citizens get their Thai fiancés join them in America every year. If you want to enjoy the company of your Thai fiancé in the US as you finalise your marriage plans, K1 visa is all you need. In this article, you’re going to learn why hiring US lawyers based in Thailand can serve you better in your K1 fiancé visa processing in Thailand.  K1 Fiancé Visa- The Easiest And Fasted Way Take Your Fiancé To America

If you are an American citizen planning to get married to your Thai fiancé while in America and have your dreams of experiencing life together in the country as your fiancé gets accustomed to the US, seek help with K1 fiancé visa processing in Thailand.

Why K1 Fiancé Visa Must Not Be A DIY?

Getting a K1 fiancé visa can be a really overwhelming exercise. Getting acquainted with the US immigration rules and know how to manoeuvre through the immigration offices is not a simple task. In most cases, language has also been a major barrier because you find most of the form are written in Thai language and you meet Thai speaking officials in the US embassy. That’s why US lawyers based in Thailand can serve you better.

How To Get Started

Before you make your way to the US embassy in Thailand to file a K1 visa petition, you need to know all the requirements to avoid frustrations and time wastage. However, it can be very tricky for you to know everything that’s required in your case without a Thai immigration lawyer.

First, you need to know whether you and your Thai spouse are qualified for K1 fiancé visa processing in Thailand. Your attorney will assist with carrying out the prequalification test before proceeding to the embassy.

Is K1 Fiancé Visa For You?

Are you and your Thai fiancé are single and legally eligible marriage? Do you have proofs to substantiate your relationship – email exchanges, photos of both of you, phone conversations and other similar evidences? Have you physically met in a period preceding two years? Do you plan to get married while in the US within the allotted 90 days? Then K1 fiancé visa is the thing for you.

Need Help With K1 Fiancé Visa Processing In Thailand?

If you ask those who have applied for a K1 visa before you, they’ll tell you how hectic it is applying for a K1 visa on your own. To avoid falling on the same trap, you need to seek help from US lawyers based in Thailand for a smooth, fast and less taxing exercise.

Hiring a US Thai based immigration lawyer will help fill in Thai immigration forms, interpret Thai legal terms and conversations and give you the comfort you need by escorting you to the US embassy in Thailand.

The attorney will help you understand the entire process in simple terms and help you know all the requirements to present to the embassy to provide a valid proof that your Thai spouse qualifies for a K1 Visa.

If your Thai fiancé has kids, your immigration lawyer will help petition for a K2 visa to allow the kids too to enter America.

Any Questions About K1 Visa Processing In Thai?

In case you have any issues with K1 fiancé visa processing in Thailand, your US based Thai immigration lawyer is the best person to refer to.

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