John Anderson Would Really Recommend U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors To Everyone

To Whom it may concern;

I don’t know where to begin. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and office staff have helped me so much. I thought it would be easy to get my fiancee to America by myself. I made a few errors on my petition and the Embassy in Thailand thought we were lying. They were going to wait until I gave up or even worse, ban her from America. I had exhausted all resources and my life savings had dwindled to nothing. I was about to give up and move to Thailand even though I knew I wouldn’t be able to find work. 3 years had passed and I finally called U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors knew exactly what to do and got my fiancee over here within the year. Had I not called them and gotten his help she would not be here now. There is no question whatsoever about that. I thought I knew what I was doing (what the hell, I do my own taxes). I was wrong. There are small things that you might not think about that are crucial in the acceptance or denial of a Fiancee Petition. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors know the law inside and out. He and his office U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors staff check everything for accuracy so there are no misconceptions. And, even if you have made those errors and have blown it all like I did. U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors know the loopholes that will enable you to pick up the pieces and get your fiancee over here. That’s exactly what he did for me. It took me months to prepare the fiancee petition on my own. While I was wasting time preparing her petition she could have already been here!! I had to hire interpreters (because everything has to be accurate and in English and all of her information was in Thai) that ended up costing me more than U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s fee. I was trying to save money by doing everything myself and it ended up costing me way way more–my life savings when it was all said and done. I would really recommend to everyone not to be stupid like I was.

Something this important should not be shrugged off. They (the Embassy in Thailand) will check everything with a fine tooth comb. They are trained to look for any errors no matter how slight. They will keep your fiancee from coming to America if they can–it’s their job!! My fiancee (my wife now) really liked all of the people working with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok Thailand. They helped her so much and told her exactly what to say when she went for her interview (the truth). When she went before without their help she was terrified. I don’t know what else to say but this: If you really love your fiancee and want to get her over here as quick as possible, you need U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors’s help. There may be other law firms out there that are good too but, I’m sure none surpass U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors staff in Bangkok Thailand. I am so happy I finally called them. Thank you all so much.

Sincerely, John Anderson

John Anderson
2400 S. Ocean Blvd.
North Myrtle Beach

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