J K and Pharadee Discovered U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Firm was the Best Firm in Bangkok Thailand

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and Team

Positively stunning results! I’m very picky and details are my obsession. Thanks for making this entire process painless.

I did tons of research online and found U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors was the best in Bangkok, Thailand. Discovered the other firms do not accompany the women to police and medical facilities to make sure that everything was completed properly.

Plus the other firms had much lower success rate. I looked at all the requirements and forms that Pharadee would have to fill out by herself or with my over sight and it just wasn’t worth it to risk with her immigration and our future.

We want to thank you and your Team of “U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors” for your help in obtaining a K1 VISA for my wife Pharadee on Dec 8th 2011. Your Team was taken care of everything for us when we provided the correct documents.

Your Team filled out all of the forms and went with Pharadee to make sure that we had the proper documents and records.

We are now happily married and living in the Las Vegas, NV with our new baby boy Justin.

A special note to May on your U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Firm Team. You’re the BEST!  Thank you sooooooo much for answering ALL our questions!

“J” K. and Pharadee
Las Vegas, NVUSA

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