Immigrant Visa for a Thai Spouse of a U.S. Citizen (K3, IR1 or CR1)

An American national who marries a Thai citizen has the opportunity to stay together in the United States. However, there is a procedure to follow as you will need to file for a US spouse visa in Thailand. There are three options to consider including K3. CR1, and IR1. They have differing requirements and terms and conditions.

Filing for a US spouse visa will vary depending on which one you opt to choose. Initially, there were only two options, the CR1 and IR1. Their differences made it difficult for couples to move in together in times of rush. As a result, the K3 visa from Thailand was introduced.

The K3 visa from Thailand is the fastest way to have your Thai wife stay with you in the United States. The CR1 and IR1 take longer with a difference of about two months.In this, the K3 visa is shorter and the requirements are not too complicated.

K3 Visa Thailand Requirements

K3 visa requirements will be different from the wife and those of the husband. The wife must be able to show that she is legally married to the American spouse. While you can have a marriage certificate, you must also be able to show that the relationship is existing and genuine with the American spouse. She must also be in good health as well as not have a criminal record.

In regards to the Husband, he must be an American citizen as well as legally married to the foreign wife. He must also not have a criminal record especially in regards to domestic violence. He should be financially established as required by the law. Just as the spouse, he should be able to show an existing and genuine relationship. The above will determine if they will be awarded K3 visa fromThailand.

K3 Visa Process

Majorly, the process consists of two steps.

  • Filing the USCIS petition

This is filed by the American spouse indicating his desire to bring the partner to the United States. The petition will be processed and once it is approved, the petitioner will be notified. In addition, USCIS will also notify the National Visa Center. This body will in turn notify the US embassy in Bangkok.

  • Interview

The interview is at the US embassy in Bangkok.There, they will communicate to the spouse and advice her on what is required of her. This also refers to the documents she is to submit.It will also include date of the interview with a visa officer at the embassy. Soon after, the visa will be granted more likely on the same day and the latest it can be given is on the day after.

Couples have reason to smile with the ability to come closer to each other with the K3 visa from Thailand. The creation of the K3 visa as reduced the waiting time for obtaining a spousal visa. As opposed to other spousal visas, K3 visa from Thailand is fast while at the same time reliable.

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