How to get US k3 marriage visa for Thai Wife?

The K3 visa allows the spouse to relocate to the U.S with temporary legal status while permanent visa is on process. If you want to bring your Thai Wife to the United States, you need to apply for K3 marriage visa. You can take advice or a K3 visa lawyer can walk you through the process step-by-step.

The process of getting US K3 visa from Thailand

If you are planning to take your spouse to US, you must apply for the K3 marriage visa from Thailand. The spouse requires filing for an I-130 petition in America. You will get a notification by the service centre that your petition has been received. For the further process, you will need to file another petition I-129F for the K3 marriage visa from Thailand. They will send your application for the further process. Petition for the K3 marriage visa will be sent to the US embassy located in Bangkok.

If the marriage took place in the U.S, The National Visa Centre will send the petition to the U.S. Embassy. The Final step of K3 Visa will be interview conducted by the U.S embassy. Interview will be schedule for Spouse at the U.S. Embassy in Thailand/Bangkok, if he/she is eligible to receive the US K-3 marriage visa.

Before filling for the K3 marriage visa you need to complete all your documents so that the process of US K3 marriage visa will go smoothly without obligations.

The whole process of getting K3 marriage visa takes a long time in verifying the documents and everything.

Eligibility criteria for applying K3 marriage visa

  • The applicant who has filed the K3 visa must be the spouse of a U.S citizen.
  • Approved of Form I-129F must be forwarded to U.S consulate abroad, so that spouse of U.S citizen can apply for the K-3 visa. As this process takes time in verification.
  • Spouse must presently reside outside of The United States. Else they must file an affidavit of support.
  • If you have biological or adopted children with you, In this case you need to apply for K4 visa together. But the children must be under the age of 21 and unmarried.
  • They must file a Form- 130 of family sponsorship. Before entering in another country, Country might ask you for the financial sponsorship in their country.

The process of getting US K3 marriage visa for your Thai wife will take a long time so it is an advice to take proper guidance regarding the visa information and petitions so that you can complete all the documents and forms correctly for the easy going process else they might decline the application.

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