How to get US Fiancé Visa for Thai Nationals?

If you are looking forward to bringing your Thai fiancée to the US for marriage purpose, then you may have to petition him/her through a US Fiancé Visa which will allow her or grant her permission to come to the States and get married. The US Fiancé Visa for Thai Citizen grants them a 90-day stay in the country, which will allow your spouse time to adjust to US life and if the marriage plans are uninterrupted, the Thai spouse can adjust their immigration status to a K3 Marriage Visa.

In the whole rigmarole involved in the US Fiancé Visa for Thai,spouses application process is merely enough to discourage you from pursuing further the application. However, the success in obtaining a visa for your Thai spouse is worth the time, effort and spent money after all.

US fiancée Visa for Thai spouses has the shortest processing time relative to other US immigrant visa channels. Hence, this makes it an attractive solution to obtaining a visa, compared to others which can take 1-2 years or longer to complete. Moreover, the US fiancée Visa for Thai spouses can include minor children as derivatives covering them as well. They are included in a subsidiary visa called the K2 visa.

Requirements for the US Fiancée Visa for Thai Spouses

The petitioner for the US Fiancée Visa for Thai spouses should be a US citizen, as confirmed by either birth or naturalization. Moreover, they have to be earning quite a substantial amount that can provide lodging and accommodation for their foreign fiancé once they get to the US. The Thai spouse, on the other hand, should be in tip-top health and must not hold a criminal record.

Both the foreign applicant and US petitioner must be single and legally allowed to marry and must have met each other physically within two years of knowing each other. Furthermore, both should provide proof of their relationship, this includes photos, and conversational exchanges i.e., email and phone calls and phone bills. Basically, they should prove that their relationship is of mutual love and trust.

US Fiancée Visa for Thai Spouses Application Process

Relevant documents required should be collected from both parties and a petition made to the USCIS based on these collected documents. The petition needs to be submitted to the appropriate USCIS application center and is determined hugely on the petitioner’s area of residence in the States.

Usually, USCIS processes the petition for about 3 months and once approved, the National Visa Center which in turn notifies the US embassy in the capital, Bangkok. The US embassy then notifies the applicant of the relevant documents to submit and also the date for the interview. Required documents include proof of relationship, police reports, medical checkup results and proof of single status.

The applicant then proceeds to acquire and submits the US Fiancée Visa for Thai application and attends the interview. The visa is issued within the next few days or after approval by the evaluating visa officer.

US Fiancée Visa for Thai Spouse Fees

The USCIS charges a fee of 340 USD and the US embassy charges a visa fee of 350 USD. Other relevant document fees i.e., medical fee and police reports are dependent upon the relevant bodies you’ll be dealing with. If you involve a law firm to assist you in acquiring the US Fiancée Visa for Thai spouse, there will be service fees included as well.

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