How the US K1 visa from Thailand is the Fastest Way to Bring a Spouse to the US?

Most Americans applying for a US K1 visa from Thailand require the services of United States Immigration lawyers in Thailand. The US K1 visa is the fastest way to bring your Thai fiancé to the United States for marriage purposes because of it takes the shortest time to process in comparison to other the United States immigrant visa avenues. Other immigrant visa types can take as long as one to two years to obtain while a US K1 visa from Thailand can take as short as 4 to 6 months. You also have the added advantage of including the K1 visa applicant’s minor children within the visa application as a K2 derivative.

What is the Application Process for US K1 visa from Thailand ?

The required documents will be collected from both parties. A USCIS petition packet may be prepared using the documents that have been collected. The petition must be submitted to the correct USCIS application center that is established based the petitioner’s residential area in the United States. The USCIS will process the application for approximately 3 months and if it is approved, the National Visa Center will be notified. The NVC will later notify the applicant with the relevant details concerning the documents they need to submit as well as the interview date. The necessary documents to submit include proof of single status, police reports, medical checkup results, and evidence of relationship etc. The visa applicant will submit the US K1 visa from Thailand application and attend the interview. The visa is then issued within a few days after the interview or as the evaluating visa officer advises. Processing the US K1 visa from Thailand takes roughly 6 months as mentioned before from the time the US K1 visa petition is submitted with USCIS to the time your Thai fiancée/fiancé gets the visa at the Bangkok US embassy. This process may differ based on each particular case. Essentially, it depends on how long it takes for the foreign consular and the USCIS to process the US K1 visa application. Any errors the fiancée/fiancé or the petitioner makes during the application process may also postpone the process significantly so you are better off avoiding that. It is crucial to ensure that everything is correctly filled out and that all the relevant documents have been submitted. A professional law firm can accelerate the process to enable your fiancée/fiancé to come and live with you in the US sooner.

The US K1 visa is valid for 6 months and once your fiancé/fiancée arrives in the United States you should get married within 90 days or the US K1 visa beneficiary must leave the country.

You cannot extend the US K1 visa from Thailand past the 90-day period, as it is only valid for a single entry into the US within 6 months of being issued. The visa is only issued when both people are completely aware that they should marry within 90 days of the Thai fiancee/fiance arriving in the US. This visa is only granted to someone who takes an oath with true intent to marry the American citizen.

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