How Much Will It Cost to Apply for US K1 visa from Thailand for a Spouse?

If you are an American citizen with a Thai spouse whom you want to bring to the United States, then you have the option of applying for a US K1 visa from Thailand for the purpose of marriage. You may be wondering what it would cost you to go through the application process for a US K1 visa for Thai Spouse in order to get married.

The USCIS fee when applying for a US K1 visa from Thailand is 340 US Dollars while the US embassy visa fee currently stands at 350 US Dollars. You will need to pay a medical fee for the medical checkup records,which will depend on the hospital where the checkup will be conducted. The medical fee will also depend on your spouse’s need to get vaccinations or his/her age. The cost might be higher if vaccinations are required. You will also need to pay a service fee if you intend to retain a law firm to help you through the US K1 visa for Thai citizen application. It will cost you roughly $12 per document for certificates from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

If you opt for a law firm to help you with the application process for the US K1 visa from Thailand, ensure you are provided with a payment plan. If you are not satisfied with the services provided or stop the application process, then you can reduce the risk of spending too much money on the process.

You can conduct the application by yourself if you have the time to prepare all the required resources and documents. You also need to have plenty of patience in explaining all the documents needed and the process to your Thai spouse and guide him or her with filling out all the difficult application forms. You can enlist the services of a professional law firm in order to eliminate this burden by assisting with the whole application process for the US K1 visa for your Thai spouse. Even though you will need to spend some money for the service fee, it will be worth everything if you get the US K1 visa from Thailand successfully and without any hassles.

A law firm provides you with sufficient knowledge regarding the US K1 visa from Thailand application process in addition to sound legal advice. The lawyers dealing with your US K1 visa application will follow the state bar association regulations guaranteeing you that the transaction is legal. Additionally, other services are not necessarily cheaper while some actually charge the same fee that you would get from a law firm. You can use this amount to pay for a law firm instead and reap all the benefits of doing so including obtaining your US K1 visa from Thailand sooner.

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