How long does it take to get US fiance visa from Thailand?

US fiancé Visa from Thailand is a key to bring your thai fiancée to stay with you in United States. Applying for a US fiancée visa in Thailand has to meet two important requirements: your relationship with your Thai fiancée and your financial status in the US. Establishing a believable and an on-going relationship between you and your Thai fiancée requires your having known each other and being together for a period of time not less than 6 months.

What is US Fiancee Visa from thailand?

A US fiancee visa is a 6 month visa given by the British Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand. This means that your intention is to marry your Thai partner in the US within the 6 month period of the visa.

Once you complete your marriage with your Thai girlfriend, you will be given a further extension without leaving the US which we call “further leave to remain” and this extension is awarded by the US border agency. This is currently valid for 2 years and 9 months that allows your wife to then work legally.

Requirements for applying US fiancée Visa from thailand

Both the US citizen and the beneficiary must be eligible to marry in accordance with the laws of the US. This means that they are of marriageable age, and their marital status is single, widowed, divorced or annulled and free to marry. Written plans need to be provided for the wedding, including the date and place within the 90 day time-span of the visa.

The foreign beneficiary of the visa is required to undergo an approved medical examination before the visa is issued to rule out communicable diseases or physical or mental disorders that are deemed a threat to property, safety or welfare. The examination includes a chest x-ray and blood test.

When should Apply for US fiancée Visa?

Once your Thai girlfriend, fiancée or wife should experience the US then reach to the conclusion about settlement. You must be able to show USCIS that you and your fiancé intend to marry each other.  If this is not your intent then this is not the right type of non-immigrant visa to use.  USCIS will require both you and your fiancé to sign affidavits under oath.  These affidavits will state that you intend to marry each other within 90 days of your fiancé entering the United States.  In addition, you will also be explaining how you met each other and how your relationship has developed over the time you have known each other.

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