General Questions During US Embassy Immigrant Visa Interview

Questions at your interview will not have anything to do with your fiancee or husbands ability to meet the minimum income requirement. The questions asked of you are to determine if you have a real relationship.

After reviewing all the various aspects of your application, all documents and biographic information submitted, the counselor officer will ask general questions and questions specific to you and your application.

General questions: Can be sourced from many places on the internet. Accuracy varies. Knowledge of the questions a specific counselor officer will ask can only come from a firm with clients appearing regularly at the embassy where you will interview. Our firm had 11 clients appear last week for interviews at the US Embassy in Bangkok. Questions posted on the internet for a specific counselor officer may not benefit you if that officer is no longer in place at the time of your interview.

Specific questions: These questions are asked based on the specifics of the entirety of your application. It is extremely unlikely that you will be able to determine what these questions will be. Even if you retain good professional help the chances of them being able to determine the specific questions you will be asked is unlikely, unless they have educated themselves by reading this article, and care enough about you to properly prepare you.

Here are two examples of specific questions: In preparing a client for an interview first I consider who the counselor officer is and what questions that particular officer could potentially ask. Our clients are always over prepared for their interview.

Example one: The lady being interviewed is 22 years old and has been working as a food waitress in Pattaya, Thailand for the two year period prior to her interview. This counselor officer’s mind set is basic and simple: he believes all young ladies living and working in Pattaya sell sex. In his mind there are no ladies working at the super markets, real estate offices, retail stores, etc. Some of the questions asked were:

Questions 1. What is the name of the place where you work in Pattaya? She worked at a restaurant but during my conversation with her in preparation for her interview she couldn’t remember the restaurant name. While this may seem strange to some people, my experience has taught me that Thai girls sometimes do not know or remember basic things like the exact address of where they live or the name of their employer. If I assumed that she did remember the name of the restaurant and failed to ask to talk with her about this, there is a chance she would have been denied the visa.

Questions 2. How many people work at this restaurant?

Questions 3. What is your job?

Questions 4. What hours do you work?

Questions 5. Do you serve both food and alcohol?

Questions 6. What are some of the things on the menu?

Questions 7. What is your favorite thing on the menu?

Questions 8. Where is the restaurant located?

Questions 9. When did you begin working there?

The officer was trying to establish that she did in fact work as a food waitress at this particular restaurant. As stated above, this officer believes that all girls living and working in Pattaya are prostitutes. Additional questions were general in nature.

Example two: The lady interviewed was 25 years old, living in Bangkok, originally from Udonthani, whose application stated that she is working at a beauty salon on Sukhumvit Soi 18, in Bangkok.

Questions 1. What is the name of your place of work?

Questions 2. What is your job?

Questions 3. How many people work in your salon?

Questions 4. What are the hours of operation?

Questions 5. What services does your salon offer?

Questions 6. Does your salon offer massage?

The officer knows that many beauty salons in this area offer massage. Many salons and small massage parlors provide a massage that includes sex, commonly referred to as a special massage. While not all massage parlors offer sex, you can only be assured that you will not be offered sex by going to a spa. The officer is politely trying to rule out that the applicant is selling sex.

To summarize, you will need to present evidence that the petitioner meets the minimum income requirement and evidence that your relationship is real and not artificially created to circumvent the immigration laws as a way to gain entry in to America.

While it would be beneficial for you to know the general and specific questions that a particular counselor officer will ask, it is virtually impossible for you to know this without having very competent professional assistance.

Obviously, the approval or denial of the visa decides your future with the person you love. The fait of two people hangs in the balance. Your happiness is at risk and emotions are high. Having no prior knowledge or experience with the visa application process, the most important two questions you will ask yourself are:

1. Am I willing to accept the risk of being denied the visa by attempting to obtain the visa without professional help, and

2. Who is the best qualified, most knowledgeable and experienced to help me and assure that I can be with the person I love.

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