Frederick L Hired U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Based on Proven Track Record of Success, Care, Personal Service

Dear U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and others, who may be reading this letter of recommendation,

Before I contacted U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors, in Bangkok Thailand I performed extensive internet research to educate myself about the K-1 fiancee visa application process and to see what options were available to my fiancee and myself. I also interviewed with several other firms in Bangkok. My final decision when hiring U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors was based on their proven track record of success and the care and personal service they provide for completing all the aspects of the visa application, like the medical exam, police report, and embassy interview. I had seen other firms that offered a lower price but much less service and I wanted every detail covered and properly handles so the small additional cost was more than reasonable given what I received.  U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors you did everything you said you would and I am totally satisfied.

Frederick L.
Ft Meyers, FL

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