Fiance Visa Process from Thailand to the US

Bringing your Thai fiancé to the US can be a frustrating and overwhelming process. If all you want is to get your Thai fiancé to the United States with intentions to get married within 90 days in America, you need to apply for a Fiancé Visa. Here are the 10 things you should know about the Fiancé visa process from Thailand to the US.

Fiance visa- single entry visa

The fiancé visa is popularly known as K1 visa and it is a single entry visa. It allows a Thai spouse to enter the US for a 90 day period, thus allowing the couple to experience life in USA together as well as help them get accustomed to America as they make their final decision to get married there.

The visa expires in 90 days

The fiancé visa is valid for 90 days and if the couple does not get married within these 90 days, the Thai fiancé must leave the US before the period expires. K1 visa is only eligible if the fiancé is intending to get married to the US spouse registered during the processing of the fiancé visa process from Thailand to the US.

What Are The Requirements?

If you wish to have a successful application for the Thai fiancé visa, you need to know the key requirements.

  1. A proof that the US citizen and Thai fiancé has a substantiated relationship. To do this, you need to provide your previous phone conversations or e-mail exchanges, photos of the spouses and any similar evidence that you have been in an intimate relationship.
  2. The spouses must have physically met one another in the previous two years. A proof of the same should be provided.
  3. The couple must be eligible for marriage. The fiancé visa is only eligible for single spouses who are legally eligible for marriage.
  4. Children are allowed to get to the US. If the Thai fiancé has children, the children are allowed to enter the US via a K2 visa.

How to get started

For an effective fiancé visa process from Thailand to the US, it is important you hire a Thai lawyer to help you know the prequalification before you get started with your K1 visa application. He helps you get acquainted with the United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) to help you submit a petition on behalf of your Thai fiancé.

Once the petition is approved, it is forwarded to the US embassy. When all the appropriate documents for the K1 visa application are gathered and approved, the Thai spouse is invited for a K1 visa interview at the US embassy.

Is Your K1 Visa Approved? Thai Spouse May Travel To The US

After having the Thai fiancé visa approved, the spouse may travel to America. During the allotted 90 days, the two spouses can get married and have their status adjusted.

How Long Is The Fiancé Visa Process From Thailand To The USA?

From the initial petition filing date to the day the fiancé visa is issued, it takes approximately 5-7 months.

Need Help From A US Immigration Lawyer?

For a successful fiancé visa process from Thailand to the US, you need the assistance of a US immigration lawyer in Thailand with an extensive experience working with the US Embassy to help you with collection of requisite documents and forms completion as well as escort to the embassy.

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