Everything you need to know about CR1 Visa from Thailand

A CR1 visa is an immigrant visa. If your Thai Spouse wishes to enter the U.S. to live and stay with their U.S. citizen, then you can apply for CR1 or IR1 visa application. This visa application stands for conditional resident and is applicable to married couples who’ve been married fewer than 2 years. This visa type is essential if you want to get your Thai spouse into the United States with permanent residence (green card).

What is the processing time for CR1 Visa from Thailand?

The CR-1 Visa process takes about 8-12 months to obtain so the waiting time can be very difficult to deal with American/Thai couple.

Eligibility for CR1 Visa from Thailand

The CR-1 visa is an Immigration visa which is basically used by U.S. citizens who wants their foreign national spouse to live with them in US Country. The eligibility criterion for this application falls with the following requirements:

  1. To be eligible for CR1 Spousal Visa from Thailand, the Thai Wife must have been married to the US Citizen Spouse for at least 2 years.
  2. Meet the Income Requirements

After obtaining this spousal visa from Thailand, you will be allowed to bring your Thai Wife to US & can travel to the U.S. Cities and live with their spouse.

What if you don’t meet the Eligibility Criteria for CR1 Visa?

In case you don’t meet the Eligibility Criteria for CR1 Visa, then you should work with an immigration attorney, or a visa agency. They will help you by carefully review your situation to verify that you meet all of the requirements.

Interview Process

Towards the end of the CR1 visa process, your Thai Spouse/Wife will be required to attend an interview, where he or she will be asked a series of basic questions by a consular officer at the U.S. embassy. The best way to get through the interview process is to hire an Immigration Legal Advisor that you can help you to know what type of questions and experience you will likely face.

We at US Immigration Legal Advisors can have your CR-1 Visa from Thailand if you want your Thai wife to bring in US Country.

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