The Entire US Visa Process Went Very Smoothly for My Thai Girlfriend

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

Please accept this letter as our express of appreciation to you and your team for the superb job you did for my girlfriend and I.

The entire us visa process went very smoothly and exactly as you described. From the first time we met to the final approval and issuance of my girlfriend’s US visa your entire organization performed impressively. You made a very difficult task look easy, no doubt due to your extensive experience and knowledge. We sincerely appreciate the great work you have done for us. Most impressive is how you know everything in advance, right down to the amazing way you predicted the exact questions my girlfriend would be asked at the Embassy interview.

I can’t write this letter without mentioning how professional and competent the people in your office are. May seems to do the job of two people and manages the office with great efficiency. Tukta is the go to girl for complex issues. Everyone took such good care of us. The kind of service you provide is almost extinct in America. Now a days in the United States just trying to make a phone call to your bank, phone company of credit card company is a time consuming and painful task. You took a difficult and tedious process and made it look easy while making it painless for us.

Most of what it took to obtain the visa was forms and documents until we got to the embassy interview. This was the part that had my girlfriend worried. You and your team gave my girlfriend excellent attention. The way you worked with her so closely and prepared her so thoroughly made a huge difference. She became more relaxed and confident. For my Thai girlfriend this was the most important and best thing you do. She was really nervous about it before preparing with you. When she finished at the embassy she said that she was so fully prepared that the interview was easy and a lot easier that she thought it would be. In my opinion, this is just way it should be.

You and your team really did make a difficult process go very smoothly for us and we appreciate everything you did for us.

Tom C.
New York, NY

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