Emest Wilson Referred U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors To Anyone Thinking of a Thai Bride

Hello U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

I am a little late writing back to you; you did a fiancee visa for my wife Supaporn Raknamthieng back in December 2006. Her visa was granted just like you said; 6 months later I flew over to Thailand and brought her back with me. Everything worked out beautiful, I am very glad to report happily married and maybe thinking of retiring and moving to Thailand. I have referred you to anyone thinking of a Thai bride, I have heard so many horror stories from couples who have used other agencies to help them with their visas who have paid double the fees you charge and take twice as long to obtain the visa. Thanks again U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors of Bangkok Thailand for the great professional job you did for me and my wife.

Ernest Wilson,

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