Applying for a Green Card after Arriving the US on A US K1 visa from Thailand

A US K1 visa from Thailand enables American citizens to bring in their Thai spouses and their children, if any, into the US from Thailand for marriage purposes. The US K1 visa is only valid for a period of 90 days and once the period elapses, it cannot be renewed. For some couples, this is enough time to stay in the United States, get married, and leave the country after the wedding. However, in most cases, the immigrant spouse will want to apply for a green card after they get married and this is possible thanks to a process referred to as adjustment of status.

The process of Adjustment of Status is that which involves an application for a United States green card offering permanent residency in the US. This process includes filing several documents and forms with the USCIS or United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and thereafter both spouses attending an interview at the USCIS office. The US K1 visa Thailand cannot be renewed and the need to adjust the spouse’s status will put a time constraint on the couple. They will need to get married within 90 days after receiving the US K1 visa Thailand and ensure they receive the official certificate of their marriage from a local government office prior to submitting the application for adjustment of status. This is because a non-certified document or a church certificate will not be sufficient for the USCIS.

Of course, you will need enough time to prepare the various documents and forms, obtain translations of specific documents, and probably get the assistance of an attorney to review the completed packet on your behalf.

You should note that you are not required by law to apply for the green card after the marriage once your spouse arrives in the US with a US K1 visa Thailand. You have the option of leaving the United States soon after.

If you are looking to adjust your status within the validity period of the US K1 visa Thailand, you will need to do the following:

-          Prepare certain United States Government forms

-          Collect various documents, which includes your marriage certificate

-          Obtain a vaccination report or get a medical exam if you did not already have them done within the previous year

-          Mail your exam report, documents, forms, and the required fee to any USCIS office

-          Attend a fingerprinting or biometrics appointment

-          Attend an interview with your American spouse at United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) office

What Happens When It Is Approved

If everything goes well and your interviewer approves your Thai spouse’s application, then he/she will become a conditional resident. This is almost like getting a regular green card for permanent residency with the exception that the status will run out once two years have elapsed. The expiration date is indicated on the immigrant’s card. The immigrant can file to convert their residency status from conditional to permanent within 90 days before the two years elapse.

Using the services of an experienced immigration lawyer can offer you guidance on the procedure and that of applying for a US K1 visa Thailand saving you from any complications and delays. You need to know about all the requirements for a US K1 visa Thailand and adjustment of status beforehand to prepare the relevant documents and fees accordingly. You can choose to go about the US K1 visa Thailand and green card application process yourselves but using the services of an attorney can streamline everything.

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