Andrew F Washington Recommends U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Legal Staff to Anyone Who is Contemplating Obtaining K-1 Visa for Thai Fiancee

Dear U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

I want to extend my deepest and sincere appreciation to you and you’re extremely capable staff of legal experts for helping my Fiancee, Oranuch (Tiw) and I, in acquiring the K-1 Fiancee Visa that allowed her to travel to the United States of America. Since her arrival we are happily husband and wife and owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to your extremely capable Law firm “USA Legal Thailand”.

I would like to detail to your potential clients how your firm handled our case from the very beginning, leading up to her 1-K Visa interview at the U.S Embassy in Bangkok  and finally to her change in status and the I-485 process.

Based on my extensive worldwide travel schedule, the mere fact that neither of us wanted to continue our long distance relationship and we wanted to be husband and wife in the United States of America and begin our life together. I consulted with some of my professional colleagues, a few of which were currently married to Thai women and all of them convinced me that I should consult with an Immigration Attorney, who resided in Thailand and more specifically one that had a proven track record of obtaining K-1 Fiancee Visas for their clients. After a thorough background search, emails and phone conversations with past and current clients, I selected Attorney U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors law firm out of a long list of advertised Immigration law firms in Bangkok Thailand.

From the minute I set up the appointment to meet with U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and professional staff of legal experts to the initial appointment, both U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and staff explained the entire I-129F petition process in detail to both of us. My Fiancee Tiw was taken to a professional photographer company and the initial pictures were taken for her I-129F application. I had brought with me a majority of the paper work that I knew would be required to complete the petition and prior to leaving the office both of us had a list of the remaining documentation that would be required.  U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors in Bangkok Thailand took the time to sit down with both of us and get to know us as a couple and find out how we met each other and really get a sense that we were deeply in love with each other.

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors met and advised us on what Tiw should expect to happen during the interview and his entire staff went over all of our detailed emails, SMS and phone bill communiqués. I had recently been to visit with Tiw for the third time that year and it was pointed out that I should provide a copy of my most recent visa stamps for them to be submitted when she arrived at U.S Embassy for her interview the following week. It was evidently apparent that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and staff wanted to ensure that all the fine details were covered prior to her arriving at the interview. This exhibited exactly how involved U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors are in ensuring that all the critical documentation is made available during the interview process. The interview was a success and we are now husband and wife.

With U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors track record we thought it best to retain U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and law firm throughout the next phase of the immigration process and the “Change in Status” or I-485 process. Staying with his law firm from beginning is a testament to their successful track record.

I would highly recommend U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and their entire legal staff to anyone who is contemplating obtaining a K-1 Visa for his Thai Fiancee.  U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors pays attention to the finest of details ensuring that no stone goes unturned which in our case resulted in our union as one.

Andrew F.
Washington DC

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