U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors Took 6 Months to Process US Visa for My Thai Girlfriend

Dear U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors,

A few positive comments for you and your website (for your potential clients), and a heart felt well done from my girlfriend and I for the great job you did for us. I was sold on your firm when I saw your website. Great site. Information was easy to access and the information shows you are a professional firm with experience and a track record. The letters written by your clients is a great reassuring feature. Really sold me.

The first time my girlfriend and I arrived in your office I met an old client of yours in the waiting room who had just popped in to say hi. That made a big impression on me. I don’t think I’ve have ever heard of such a thing with law firms before. After working with you during the 6 months it took to get my girlfriend’s US visa I now understand and I may be one of those old clients who stops by some day to say hi.

First, I want to say thank you for handling the US visa for my girlfriend’s son free of charge. What a nice thing to do. Shows what good people you are.

For the people who are reading this on the website I can tell you that U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors are sharp, good humored, compassionate, professional who is down to earth and easy to talk to. He has a polite reassuring confidence that translates in to action and follow through on his promises. I appreciated his way of explaining everything and educating me about what would be happening and why. His approach was all about explaining and educating, not selling me on something. There is a high level of trust with Brian Wright and all the people who work with him.

U.S. Immigration Legal Advisors and staff were accessible to us and available to answer our questions and provide reassurance. We mostly contacted via e-mail and we received responses to are inquiries within 24 hours, which is quite reasonable considering the time zone difference of 12 hours. Having an experienced, compassionate, professional handling the visa application was priceless. We were always confident of a positive outcome and this helped to relieve the stress of this important event for my girlfriend and I.

Bill T.
Tampa, Fl

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