US k-1 Fiancee Visa Requirements in Thailand

US K-1 Fiancee Visa is for the Thai fiance of a United States (U.S.) citizen. This permits the Thai fiancee to travel to the US and marry his or her U.S. citizen sponsor within 90 days of arrival. Thai Fiancee visa permits the holder to immigrate to the U.S. and marry a U.S. citizen shortly after arrival in the United States, the fiancee must meet some of the requirements of an immigrant visa.

K1 Fiancee Visa Requirements in Thailand

U.S. citizen and the K-1 visa applicant must have been legally free to marry at the time the petition was filed and must have remained so thereafter. The marriage must be legally possible according to laws of the U.S. state in which the marriage will take place.

As the petitioner you must earn a minimum income in order to qualify to sponsor a foreigner immigrating to the USA. The minimum income required is based on family size. As an example: The minimum income required of you to support a family of two (you and your fiancee) living in the continental USA, not including Alaska and Hawaii based on the USCIS 2018 poverty guidelines is $20,575.00. If your fiancee has a child who will immigrate with her the minimum income required for a family of three is $25,975.00

Your fiancee can not have a serious criminal conviction. If she has a criminal record an attorney will assist you in determining if she qualifies or not. The general rule is that if your fiancee was convicted of a crime for which the maximum penalty exceeds one year imprisonment then she is ineligible to receive a visa.

You cannot have a serious criminal conviction that includes violent crimes, crimes against minors, and sex crimes. You can qualify with a criminal background that includes convictions for lesser crimes.

You and your fiancee must be free to marry, not currently married to other persons.

You must have met your fiancee in person within the two year period immediately preceding the filing of the visa petiton.

It’s important for being acknowledge with the thing is K1 Visa is only valid for 90 days and within this validity period the marriage should be consummated so that the immigration status of the bride can be adjusted accordingly.

The US K1 Visa in Thailand will allow your Thai fiancee her to stay in the US for good until she receives her permanent residence status aka Green Card Status. Note that the K1 Visa takes about 4-6 months to complete of which USCIS evaluation of the petition is taking the bulk of the processing period. Note that if you are already married then you need to apply for a K3 visa.

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