US Fiancé Visa Vs The Marriage Visa Application Process From Thailand

There are many types of visas that are meant to make American citizens reunite with their foreign fiancés or spouses and enjoy their union in the US. However, the procedure can be more confusing if you don’t have a clear understanding of fiancé visa vs the marriage visa application process from Thailand to the US.

Fiancé Visa Vs The Marriage Visa? The Application Process From Thai To The US

Fiancé visa also known as K1 is the visa to help an American single to take his/her Thai fiancé to the US and get married within the allotted 90 days before the visa expires. Fiancé visa is only eligible if the Thai fiancé is to enter the US and get married to you and not another person. If marriage does not take place within the allotted 90 days, the Thai fiancé must leave the US before K1 visa expires. If the Thai fiancé has children and you want to have them on-board, then you need to petition a K2 visa. Unlike the K3 Visa, K1 visa is easier and faster to obtain and its sole purpose is for a fiancé not a wife.

The Marriage visa also known as K3 applies for an American citizen married to a Thai spouse and wants to take the spouse back to the United States. To apply for the Marriage visa in the US, file for spousal petition (I-130). After filing the petition, the Service Centre will send a notification to alert you that your petition has been received.

After this, you file for a (I-129F) petition for K3 marriage visa. Chicago centre sends your K3 marriage which you forward to Missouri centre for advanced processing. It is after the completion of this process that the K3 marriage visa petition is sent the American Embassy in Bangkok- Thailand.

K3 marriage visa process is a bit involved compared to the K1 fiancé visa and the process takes a bit longer than the approximate K1 visa process. Unlike the K1 visa- which is a single entry visa that gives your fiancé a permanent stay in America if you get married within the allotted 90 days, the K3 marriage visa is a ‘non-immigrant’ visa, meaning that your Thai wife will not have a permanent permit to stay in America once she joins you. she will be required to apply for status adjustment.

Unlike the K1 visa – once off visa, K3 marriage visa allows your spouse to travel abroad. By filling a separate K4 visa, your wife is allowed to come along with all her children.

To be eligible for a K3 marriage visa, you must be a US citizen and your spouse must be your beneficiary and you must have met all the requirements of having a valid marriage and where you married.

After you obtain your K3 marriage visa, your Thai wife can come along with her unmarried minor children and live with you in the US for two years waiting for the USCIS to approve your immigration petition then she can apply for an adjustment of status and become a legal permanent resident. Indeed, K3 marriage visa has helped many families to reunite.

Similarly, both the K1 visa and K3 visa allow the spouses to apply for a work permit to help them engage in lawful employment in the US.

Need Help With Fiancé Visa Or Marriage Visa?

Do you need help with fiancé Visa vs the marriage visa application process from Thailand to the US to find the simplest and fastest way to deal with your long distance relationship? Call an US immigration Lawyer now.

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