The Importance of The CR-1 Visa Thailand Application

As the world continues to evolve and change, so do certain ideologies. One such ideology is the institute of marriage. Now, people from different countries, races and ethnicity intermarry. This is what is termed as a transnational or international marriage.

Of course, this evolution in the institution of marriage and love has created a shift in legal laws. More specifically, it has created a shift in immigration laws. The changes reflected in the immigration laws aim to cater for the individuals in an international marriage. Also, to help protect and maintain their rights.

Due to this, visas such as the CR-1 Visa Thailand was started. For the purposes of this article, we shall be focusing on what the CR- 1 Visa Thailand is, and what it entails. Let us first start by defining what it is, before we can progress any further.

CR-1 Visa Defined

A CR- 1 Visa Thailand is specifically an immigrant visa. Only U.S citizens can apply for such a visa in place of their foreign spouse. In this case, your spouse is specifically from Thailand, hence the name, CR-1 Visa Thailand.

The application, after a process of verification and approval, grants your foreign spouse entry into the United States. Once approved, your spouse is then considered a permanent resident of the United States legally. Please note, however; that the approval is conditional.

Meaning, that the approval of residency is tied to a condition. The condition which stretches for a period of two years helps ensure that the marriage is genuine. However, after the two year period, the couple can apply to have the conditional status removed.

Why CR-1 Visa?

When it comes to Immigration Visas, CR-1 Visa in Thailand is not the only option. Individuals can also opt for the K3 Visa. However, more individuals opt for the CR-1 Visa due to the advantages and privileges that come with it.

The CR-1 Visa for Thailand Citizens, once approved, immediately grants your foreign spouse, legal residency in the US. Moreover, he/she has the permission and ability to apply for a job as well. The CR-1 Visa Thailand also allows children under the age of 21, to join the couple in America as well. However, please note that this particular benefit can only come into effect after the condition has been lifted.

K3 has its advantages and benefits as well. Admittedly, the application process takes a shorter time as compared to the CR-1 Visa in Thailand. According to Thai Visas, the K3 Visa application process takes about 6-8 months. Whereas the CR-1 Visa application process takes a period of 12 months.

Yet, the advantages that CR- 1 Visa offers outweigh the disadvantages considerably.

CR-1 Visa in Thailand and Legal Representation

The application process of the CR-1 Visa for your Thailand spouse may require professional legal representation. Why? Lawyers and legal representatives have a broader understanding of state and immigration laws.

In this instance, you need to ensure that you have CR-1 Visa Lawyers from Thailand. This way, you can minimize legal inconveniences and circumstances. Moreover, having a CR-1 lawyer from Thailand will help ensure that the process is smooth and effective.

With their knowledge and experience, you can be assured that you and your foreign spouse will be together. All this can be accomplished within legal terms. The Law Office of Garn Tuntasatityanond & Associates offers such services.

Be sure to visit their website on to secure your international marriage today.

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