Legal Requirements while getting married in Thailand

If you are a US citizen and planning to get married in Thailand either to a Thai national or to another foreigner you have to go through many legal procedures first. Check out the list below.

Affirmation of Freedom to Get Married

Marriages performed in Thailand are internationally recognized and legally binding. The Thai authorities require that any foreign national wishing to marry in Thailand must obtain an affirmation of freedom to get marry document.

Residency Requirements

You should allow 4 working days in Bangkok, Thailand prior to registering your marriage as you are required to have been a resident in Thailand for at least 3 days before you marry and you must allow time for the paperwork to be processed in Bangkok.

Required Documentation for getting married in Thailand

ü  A Valid Passport

ü  Prenuptial agreement (this will not be recorded by the registrar in Thailand)

ü  A Decree Absolute(only if you are divorced

ü  Affidavit of Freedom to Marry under Thai Law

You will be required to visit your Embassy or Consulate in Bangkok to obtain this document and you will each require individual Affidavit to get married.

ü  Proof of income may be required

ü  A Death certificate and previous Marriage Certificate(if you are a widower)

Marriage Certificate

If you get legally married in Thailand, you will be received 2 identical official wedding certificates that will be in Thai. A certified translation is normally sufficient. Thus, before applying for Immigration Visas, obtain a translated certificate before you leave Thailand and this can be offered to you by your Wedding Planner or Tour Operator.

Legal Registration of your marriage

In Thailand the legal registration of your marriage which will take place in the local registration office (Amphur) is the most important part of your marriage.

ü  You do not require a wedding ceremony for the legal marriage in Thailand.

ü  At Amphur (the local registration office) you will be required to have a translator present there who speaks both languages (English and Thai) and the registration office will arrange the witnesses.

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