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The K3 visa Thailand grants a US citizen (the petitioner) to bring their Thai spouse back to the States. The K3 visa Thailand applies to the couples who have been married, but outside the jurisdiction of the US. While getting a K3 Visa is more complicated than getting the K1 visa, it is a great and convenient alternative for couples legally married to stay in the US.

Eligibility for a K3 Visa Thailand

Specific eligibility requirements are needed for the processing and granting of a K3 visa, Thailand. First of all, the petitioner must legally be a US citizen, by birth or by naturalization. Then, the couple must be single and legally allowed to marry, this must be proved in the US embassy where a “freedom to marry” affidavit, a Thai marriage license, and other supporting documents must be expressed. Lastly, the petition mustTop of FormBottom of Form be filed in the United States Citizenship Immigration Services (USCIS) offices to kick-start the K3 Visa Thailand acquisition.

K3 Visa Thailand Petition Process

Once the USCIS has determined your eligibility, the application process soon begins and the first step requires the filing of two crucial forms; Form I-130, a Petition for the Alien Relative and Form G-325A which discloses basic Biographic Information that includes family and work histories.

Once the petitioner, the US citizen receives a notification that the requested forms have been filed with the USCIS, the couple must then file another form, Form I-129, for the K3 visa Thailand petition with the U.S. embassy in Bangkok. The U.S. Embassy will proceed to processes this form and send an appointment package to the applicants.

What follows is the interview stage, where the Thai spouse will be evaluated and will be required to produce medical documents and police reports. The last step of the K3 Visa Thailand process happens at the U.S. border as they prepare to cross into US territory. The border officer there will open the sealed envelope containing your K3 visa and perform a final check, just to ensure everything is in order and there are no hiccups in the process.

The K3 Visa

Once issued by the U.S. Embassy, the K3 visa Thailand, gives your Thai spouse 6 months to enter the States and it allows the Thai spouse a two-year stay in the US. Since the K3 visa is a non-immigrant visa, the Thai spouse needs to begin status adjustment processes as soon as possible once in the US.

The K3 visa grants your Thai spouse several liberties that include employment in the US and also is they have children under 21, they can initiate a K4 visa that’ll permit their entry to the states and live there. However, the Form I-130 petition for each K-4 visa must be filed separately by the petitioner.

Moreover, the K3 visa is a “multiple entry” visa, which means, the Thai spouse is free to leave and re-enter the country freely during the two-year period. Though the process of acquiring a K3 visa is somewhat complex, it is far quicker than most other backlogged immigrant visa process.

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