How to find the Best US immigration lawyer?

The U.S. immigration system can be compelling. Given the stakes that are involved when looking for immigration relief, a bad immigration lawyer can be tragic for an applicant. So how do you select the best US immigration lawyers? Here are a few basic tips that you can consider when deciding to hire the best US immigration lawyer. A good immigration lawyer or law firm can make the world of difference and it is a good idea to fully evaluate an immigration lawyer before you select him/her.

A good immigration lawyer can make all the difference to your case and US Immigration Legal Advisors can help you to prepare USCIS forms.
1. Choose the lawyer with experience
US Immigration lawyers must be experienced. Be cautious of attorneys that practice in law in several areas. Look for a licensed attorney that focuses on immigration law. Generally, you’ll want to find someone with at least five years of experience, preferably in cases similar to yours. For example, if you are seeking fiancée visa lawyer, find an immigration lawyer that has plenty of experience.
2. Ask for References
Once you are referred to a good lawyer, arrange to have a consultation wherein the lawyer gives his or her best recommendations for visa options. Be sure to ask for references. A good US immigration lawyer should suffer from no shortage of happy former clients ready and willing to recommend the law firm’s services.
3. Make Sure Your Needs Match the Lawyer’s Expertise
This is an opportunity for you to ask questions and determine if you are comfortable with the lawyer’s style. It is also important to make sure your needs match the lawyer’s expertise. Ask for an opportunity to meet the attorney so that you can ask questions and make a decision.
The truth is, you may have to pay for your time with the attorney as an initial consultation. While there are US immigration Lawyers that provide a free initial consultation, many skilled attorneys will charge a reasonable fee to speak for half an hour to an hour.
Lawyers have different fee schedules with different expectations of how costs are reimbursed. Make sure you understand if your lawyer charges a flat fee or by the hour. While no one wants to pay for the most expensive attorney, finding the lowest cost attorney probably isn’t a great strategy.
4. Get a Trusted Referral
Tap into your network of friends and acquaintances to find other individuals who have dealt with immigration attorneys in order to acquire a fiancée visa. Word-of-mouth referrals are the best to consider as you can learn firsthand about the kind of experience the visa recipient had when working with the US immigration attorney.
5. Consider More than Just Price
Many US immigration lawyers will post fees that are extremely low and we have taken over cases where the client received horrible service and negative outcomes. This is not always the case but something to consider.
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